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How To Get Rid Of Hickeys Fast (In 5 Overnight Steps)

Discovering that you have a hickey on your skin can cause a considerable amount of distress.  Considered unsightly, a hickey or love bite is a painless but often dramatic blemish caused by suction applied to the skin. This suction breaks the capillaries underneath the surface of the skin, causing a superficial bruise. Left untreated, a hickey to take a week or more to heal.

Despite the fact that many kinds of activity can cause hickeys, such as a therapeutic massage treatment known as cupping, many people associated with intimate activity. This can be embarrassing if the hickey is not located in a place where it can be concealed with makeup or hidden by clothing.  Luckily, there are at home remedies you can apply to ensure that it’s a thing of the past as quickly as possible. Here are five overnight steps to get rid of a hickey fast!

Step One: Rubbing alcohol. Over-the-counter rubbing alcohol, when applied as soon as the hickey appears can be beneficial in many ways. Initially it can treat any abrasions or cuts  in the skin with its antibacterial and sterilizing properties. Alcohol also has a cooling effect on the skin, which can reduce inflammation and discourage excessive blood pooling.

To apply, add a small portion of alcohol to a sterile cotton ball and dab the cotton ball on to the skin with a circular motion. Be sure to be gentle so that you do not cause further bruising.

Step Two: Cold Compress. The best way to get rid of a hickey in the initial phases is to treat it as you would any other soft tissue damage. This means applying a cold compress to the area for no longer than fifteen minutes. Make sure that you provide a barrier such as a napkin or towel between your skin and the cold compress to prevent any ice burn.

This treatment will reduce the swelling in the tissue as well as promote accelerated healing of the bruise. Repeat this treatment every few hours until the bruise fades. Applying a cold compress to your hickey can reduce recovery time by as much as half.

Step Three: Peppermint Like the rubbing alcohol, peppermint has incredible anti-inflammatory properties. By applying pure peppermint oil to the hickey and the surrounding skin, you can drastically reduce the swelling that can lead to excessive bruising after the development of a hickey.  It also promotes circulation which allows for the bruises to fade quicker.

High quality peppermint oil can be found at your local organic grocer, or any aromatherapy retail store. Be sure to only use as much as needed. Apply peppermint to your hickey sparingly before you go to sleep and you will wake up noticing a significant improvement in skin discoloration.

Step Four: Apply Vitamin K One of the many benefits of Vitamin K is that it acts as an anticoagulant. This means that it prevent your blood from clotting excessively. By preventing the blood in your bruise from clotting,  vitamin K allows for your circulatory system to more rapidly reabsorb the bruise. People with low vitamin K levels bruise far easier than others because of this.

If you are concerned about the level of vitamin K in your diet, you can remedy this by eating dark leafy greens more often as well as taking a multivitamin supplement. In the short term, you can use  a cream that topically applies vitamin K to your skin. This is the most effective way to get vitamin K where you need it quickly.

Your local drugstore or pharmacy will most likely have a selection of creams with vitamin K as they also provide significant skin tightening benefits. Apply the cream directly to the Hickey and surrounding area after you have cleaned and disinfected it. This can be done two or three  times a day to rapidly reduce recovery time.

Step Five: Take Care of Yourself. Proper hydration and sleep can do a great deal to heal any bruising you may have. When an individual experiences sleep deprivation, the endocrine system does not work at top capacity. There is a hormone imbalance. This hormone imbalance can also make it difficult for you to recover quickly from tissue damage such as bruises and other injuries.

If your body is dehydrated from a lack of water, your blood volume will be low, meaning that your circulatory system will have to work harder in order to heal your bruise. By taking good care of your body you can minimize the time it takes for your body to reabsorb the bruise that makes your hickeys unsightly.

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