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I Wanted to Win a Security System

I wanted to get a smart security system but they were a bit pricey for me. I was online looking at some cheaper alternatives when I came across a giveaway website that was giving away a collection of smart security items to one lucky winner. It took me all of a minute to enter, and I was so excited. Even though I knew that the odds were not in my favor, I was still excited to even enter it. After I put in all of my information and submitted my entry, I looked around the site to see what other giveaways they were offering.

I was surprised at the sheer number of contests that were available. I knew that companies offered contests like this to make their brand better known, but I had never considered that there would be a website that would put all of these contests and giveaways on one site. Read more →

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I Needed Help to Get Rid of Feathered Pests

When I moved here, I had no idea that I would enjoy the area so much. I love the weather, the people, the buildings and more. But I also did not count on the number of geese that would congregate around my house. I really liked them at first, but when they became a problem for me, I soon understood that I needed to do something about them before they became an even bigger problem. I ended up needing Canada geese control in NJ pretty quickly.

The house I bought sits on one acre of land. I have lots of plant life around my place. It is fantastic to be able to look outside your window and see things that are green and lush. Read more →

Bitcoin Takes My Focus Sometimes

I had to do a paper for one of my college classes, but I was being distracted the entire time. I have a bitcoin trader app installed on my phone, and I couldn’t help but look at the phone so I could see how the prices were changing. I had to turn off my phone so that I could focus on the paper. I also had to force myself not to look at the bitcoin prices on the computer. This was a bit harder, because I needed to use the computer for research, which meant that I needed to use the Internet.

Since I had already spent enough time looking at bitcoin prices, I had to stay up all night to finish the paper. I got some coffee from the local coffee shop, along with some energy drinks and drank one each hour to keep myself awake. Each hour seemed like it was going by quicker than normal, and I was beginning to think that I would not have enough time to finish the paper. By the time morning came, I was done, and took some time to check for errors. I had made a lot of spelling mistakes, but the program I was using corrected them.

I freshened up a bit and ran to the library so that I could print out the paper and hand it in to my teacher. Printing costs money at the library, so I had to use the last bit of money on my student card to print, which I was not happy about. I made it to class just in time to hand in my paper. The teacher told us that we could go back home early after handing in our paper, so I ran back home, fell on my bed, and had one of the longest sleeps ever.

The Whack a Mole Game

Assignments in my computer science classes are generally known to be difficult, even to people who aren’t in the class. There was one assignment that had been giving the students a lot of trouble. We were faced with the task of writing a program that would behave like a whack a mole game. When I first went into it, I was thinking that a whack a mole game would be a fun assignment, but I was wrong. I wondered if there were any computer science homework helpers that could guide me through the assignment. Through some searching on the Internet, I was able to find just the help that I needed.

I used a website that focused on helping people with computer science. Read more →

I Am Looking out for My Son

When I decided to visit Austin Texas, I never expected to fall in love with my friend’s cousin, who we were visiting. It was a whirlwind relationship, and we were married within three months of our first meeting. It was not until I became pregnant with our first child that I saw a different side to him. He had told me he wanted children, but I realized later that he said that only because he knew I wanted them. He was very cold toward our son when he was born, and I knew that I needed to leave him.

I believe in marriage with all my heart and working out problems as best as one can, but I was not going to put my son through a life of not feeling loved by his own father. My husband told me he was not going to give me an easy divorce, so I knew I was in for a fight. I looked at different law offices in my area, and I really liked what I saw with the one I went with. Read more →

Our Apartment in Hattiesburg MS Has a Lake, Pool and Allows Dogs!

It used to be that you pretty much had to settle for what you could find when it came to getting an apartment around here. This is especially true for working professionals. I lived in a place that had a kitchen that had not been redone since about the end of the disco era. There were no appliances other than an old refrigerator. Then, when I got married, my wife and I leased an apartment in Hattiesburg MS that is just what we were looking for in a home we would want to own ourselves. But, it comes without the need to commit to a mortgage of several decades.

Our apartment has a washer and dryer, and it has a dishwasher and a garbage disposal. It has all of the modern amenities that one would expect in a luxury place to live. Our place has a a nice refrigerator with an icemaker too. Outside there is a lake where we do some fishing, and there is a swimming pool with a deck that has Wi-Fi. You really can’t beat this place. We like it a lot. We both spend a lot of time at the lake. Read more →

Race Horses and Betting Info

I have been interested in sports betting for years, and I want to branch out and try to bet on some new sports. I want to do it mostly for the thrill, but it won’t be a very good experience for me, overall, if I am not able to do good in these new sports. I want to learn More about race horses and what it takes to be a winner. I know that horse racing is probably one of the more difficult types of sports to bet in, but lots of people do it, so there must be some sort of method to the madness.

I am going to try to start learning about this soon, because there are some races that I would like to bet on in the near future, just to test the waters a bit. I want to try to get to the point where I am confident in betting on horses, by the time the big horse races of the year come around, such as the Kentucky Derby. I wonder if there will be a triple crown winner this year. THat doesn’t happen a long time, but you never know. I definitely don’t think that I would bet on it to happen, because it is such a long shot, that there is probably next to no chance that I would win.

I mean, it could happen, and I could win. But betting on that seems a bit crazy to me. Sometimes I make bets that aren’t great, but I usually try to make sure that my bets make some srt of sense to me. I have done pretty well at betting so far, and hopefully I can continue to learn about it and do a good job with horse rrace betting in the future.

Coupling Tracking Solutions, Advertising and Marketing

Barcodes generated and used in all the businesses are required to meet a certain standard as specified by regulating authorities. This can be checked by machines called barcode verifiers which are used extensively in the industries of healthcare, transportation, industrial markets and other businesses where barcodes are widely used. Barcode verifiers check the format of a barcode and grade their findings which may later help in finding corrective solutions should a problem arise. They are accurate and precise, ergonomic and highly cost-effective in assessing the barcode standard of accuracy. Remember, you’ll want high quality scanning software in order to be able to utilize barcodes and tags well.

Companies and business houses do not always manage to keep track of all their assets, even though the total worth of the assets may run into millions. This also leads to financial losses for the company. Read more →

Save on the Little Things

Today, more than ever, it is so important to save money when you can, where you can. I know that it was a very easy decision for my family and I to go to https://www.bundle.tv/ to see if we could save some money on our television and internet service. I was really unhappy when there were some changes being made with our local cable company, and we were notified one billing cycle ahead that our bill was going to go up by twenty percent. I am not even happy with the channels that we got with our previous package, some of the premium channels that I wanted were available in the standard package with the new company. I was shocked to see that there were so many people in my family that said that they still had a home phone number because it was cheaper to bundle all of their services together.

When I went online to look at the different packages that I could chose from, I was so happy to see that a lot of the channels were going to be available to me with the basic package. Instead of paying an extra thirty dollars a month with my old cable service, I was going to be getting them for a lot less money in my new package. We have not had a home phone in many years, as we just used our cell phones, so it was interesting to see that we were going to have to give out our number. After talking about it, we decided to not go and give our number out to anyone. I do not want people calling my house if it is unsolicited and I believe that it is very important to make sure that our kids also do not even know we have a home number.

Queen 12 Inch Therapeutic Memory Foam Mattress Review

The Queen 12 inch thick Therapeutic memory foam mattress from DynastyMattress is an exceptionally luxurious and grand memory foam mattress with extra support and comfort.

Queen 12 Inch Therapeutic Memory Foam Mattress Details

  • 5 inch 5lb Visco-elastic memory foam
  • 7″ High Resilience Polyurethane Base Foam
  • Dual Airflow
  • Extra comfort and responsiveness
  • Responds to your body’s temperature
  • Four way zip cover
  • 10 year warranty
  • 120 day home tiral
  • Queen size (60” x 80”)

Made From

The 12 inch therapeutic memory foam mattress has a base made from high resilience polyurethane. This is 7 inches thick and the best firmness retaining foam on the market. On top of this is a 5 inch layer of 100% visco-elastic memory foam.

Extra Comfort & Pain Free Sleep

Visco-elastic memory foam was developed by NASA to sense your body’s weight as well asy our temperature. It conforms to your shape and minimises pressure points thus relieving back pain and preventing tossing and turning that is a major cause of disrupted sleep.

Mattress Cover

The 12 inch therapeutic memory foam mattress comes with a 4 way zip cover.

10 Year Warranty

Buying a good quality memory foam mattress can be nerve racking. You want to make the right decision but not pay for it layer down the line. With this particular memory foam mattress you get a 10 year warranty. This really does help you see that you are buying a high quality mattress that won’t lety ou down.

120 Day Home Trial

On top of the 10 year warranty, you also get a 120 day home trial to see if the therapeutic memory foam mattress is the right once for you. What more could you ask for!


The Queen size 12 inch therapeutic memory foam mattress costs only $529 from Amazon and this is a whopping 79% off its normal price of $2,500.

What Do Customers Say About the Queen 12 Inch Therapeutic Memory Foam Mattress

The Queen 12 inch therapeutic memory foam mattress is popular and has many positive reviews. The average score for the mattress was 4.5 out of 5. Customers who bought this mattress made comments including the following:

  • “At first it seems very firm, but it just takes a few nights of adjusting to the “contouring” of the mattress, and we sleep very well now. No tossing and turning. No back aches. We would certainly recommend this mattress to others.”
  • “…my lower back felt better after just one night. I was pretty much sleeping on a mattress half it’s original thickness before I bought this, so anything was bound to be an improvement however. That said, the mattress is very comfortable and not overly stiff or soft.”
  • “…The mattress provides great support but it doesn’t transfer motion. I am able to get out of the bed in the morning and not wake up my husband.”
  • ”6 months later this bed is still a great purchase for us and I do suggest this product to my friend/family.”
  • “The mattress is amazing! Just like a Tempurpedic but at 1/3 the cost.”
  • “I really could’t be happier. My back is almost perfect and we both get a great nights sleep. I’m 100% SOLD. Service, Shipping and set-up was all that they said it would be. Just Perfect! Thank You for a GREAT EXPERIENCE.”


One customer stated that mould was forming on the mattress from their body moisture:

“Yesterday, we discovered mold due to moisture from my own body. I could tell because the mold grew where my torso lays and on the side of the bed I slept on. This was not from negligence or spills. At first, I thought the foam would be okay after I took off the zipper casing, but I saw some dark blotches underneath the cloth sewn shut around the foam. I unstitched this cloth covering to find indeed there was mildew on the foam. “

Other customers felt that the odor of the mattress did not go away and they could not cope with sleeping on it.

Most customers were happy with the great memory foam mattress and had no problems with odor (most stated that the smell went away after a week or so) or mold.

The Queen 12 inch therapeutic memory foam mattress is a popular mattress that guarantees to give you a great nigh

Learn to Buy the Best Basketball Gear

Buying the best indoor basketball gear is probably just as important as being good at playing basketball. You can take a great player and put him out on the court, but he won’t live up to his potential if the gear isn’t suited to his playing style or his body. I learned this when I was a young man playing high school basketball in a city in the Midwest. My family didn’t have a lot of money so I played with what I could get. I often played in normal sneakers. I succeeded but only just barely.

I had enough talent to go on to play ball in college where I got outfitted with great equipment, and I played even better because of it. My son wishes to follow in my footsteps and I think he’s got a lot of potential. He’s as good as anyone on his team and his coach thinks he’s got a great shot of getting into an excellent school with a top rated team. Maybe he’ll go on to the NBA, probably not, but it won’t be for a lack of great basketball gear.

I went online and found a site that reviews a lot of indoor basketball gear. Shoes mostly, but also socks and braces. Those are just as important. Everything has to fit nice and snug so you’re not worrying about hurting yourself when your crossing the court or driving to the net. I took their advice and picked up the best of everything I could find so my son doesn’t experience the exquisite sensation of blowing out your ankle as your going up for a lay up. My boy goes on and on about his great indoor gear and how it makes him a better player. His friends on the team keep asking him where he’s getting the big bucks for all this fancy gear.

Best Jojoba Oil – Uses and Benefits for Hair, Face and Acne

Jojoba oils have been touted as a great oil for hair and skin care.  This oil is known to have anti-inflammatory properties that may help reduce acne and other skin problems including rashes and sunburns.   It is very similar to the oil of human skin so, although not a lot of medical testing has been done, it is widely used for the treatment of acne, as a facial cleanser, and also in make up removers.  It can be applied before bed, as well, and used as a facial moisturizer.  As a facial cleanser, it can help clear away impurities that cause blemishes and skin irritations.

Jojoba oil is also used in foot care products.  As a foot cream, a few drops can be spread on the bottoms of the feet directly after a bath or shower.  This will soften dry and cracked feet, making them look healthier.  Anti-fungal cream is also found with jojoba oil as an ingredient.  It can help to treat athlete’s foot, toenail fungus, and even warts.

Jojoba oils are also good for hair growth and repair.  It helps to keep the scalp clean and healthy.  It can unclog hair follicles.  This can promote hair growth as well as reduce hair loss.  It brings a healthy shine and strength to the hair.  Jojoba oil can also be found in many good quality de-tangling creams.  This can be especially helpful for people with curly, wavy, or frizzy hair.  Not only with jojoba oil help detangle long hair, but it will keep the frizzy look to a minimum.  It brings out a smooth, healthy shine to the hair.

In anti-aging creams, jojoba oil can help reduce the signs of fine lines and wrinkles with it’s anti-oxidant power.  If used over time, it can also help reduce the appearance of scars and stretch marks because it is also rich in Vitamin E.

There are many great jojoba oils on the market today.  Many health and beauty products also contain jojoba oil as a main ingredient.  Here are just a few that can be found as Best Sellers on Amazon.com:

Leven Rose JoJoba Oil, Organic 100% Cold Pressed

This oil is all natural and organic.  It is also packaged in a dark bottle to avoid losing potency by exposure to daylight.  This is currently Amazon’s number one best selling jojoba oil.

Read Reviews for Leven Rose Jojoba Oil.

NOW Foods Organic Jojoba Oil

This product is a moisturizer for hair, skin and body.  It is a multi-purpose jojoba oil and is sold in NOW Foods’ popular line of essential oils.  It is 100% pure organic jojoba oil.  It is known to soften skin and treat acne.  It also promotes hair growth and allows the natural shine of healthy hair to come through by strengthening and moisturizing the hair.

Read Reviews for NOW Foods Organic Jojoba Oil.

ArtNaturals Organic Jojoba Oil

This jojoba oil is 100% pure an unrefined.  It can be used as a make-up remover, skin conditioner, facial moisturizer and cleanser, a lip conditioner and as a shaving prep and lotion.  It is virgin jojoba oil that has the power to clean away skin impurities, unclog hair follicles, and provide numerous other benefits to the user.

Read Reviews of ArtNatural Jojobs Oil here.

Desert Essence 100% Pure Jojoba Oil

This jojoba oil is 100% pure and has no odor.  This makes it perfect for use as a facial scrub or moisturizer.  It is also a powerful hair cleaner and moisturizer.  It’s multitude of uses, and its scent-free attribute, make it a favorite among jojoba oil users.

Read Reviews of Desert Essence 100% Pure Jojoba Oil.

Majestic Pure Jojoba Oil for Hair and Skin

Majestic Pure Jojoba oil is great as a facial moisturizer or in place of lip balm.  It’s 100% pure and organic composition means it has no chemicals or other ingredients that will clog pores.  This makes it a perfect lip balm replacement.  The fact that it is also non-allergenic makes it a great make up remover and even safe as an eye make up remover.

Read Reviews of Majestic Pure Jojoba Oil for Hair and Skin here.

Jojoba oil touts many benefits for hair and skin.  It is an all-natural alternative to several expensive health and beauty remedies.  It is a powerful antioxidant that is rich in Vitamin E, copper, zinc, selenium, iodine, and chromium.  It has many uses including helping maintain a healthy scalp as well as healthy skin and hair.  Looking over reviews of several products can help a person determine which is the perfect fit for him or her.

Get Fit and Stay Fit With Aqua Aerobics

Aqua aerobics is basically doing exercises (other than swimming) in the pool. It has a lot of advantages over more traditional exercise routines, and can provide an excellent and enjoyable workout.

Low impact – One of the best advantages of aqua aerobics is that the workouts are low impact. The cushioning of the water allows someone to exercise without taking a toll on joints. As a cross training tool, or a way for people like runners to recover from an injury, aqua aerobics is a wonderful option.

Needs little equipment – Just walking into a gym for a weight workout shows how much equipment is needed for traditional workouts. The lineup of weight stations, long rows of weights, and people standing in line to use them can sometimes be a deterrent to getting a good workout. By contrast, the most frequently used aqua aerobics tool is a foam noodle – a long rubber tube strong enough to support the person’s weight in the water. They can be obtained here, and are easy to carry to class.

A variety of choices – Most people think of aqua aerobics as a group of people in the water doing exercises together. While that is true, there are a number of great options for getting in that workout. Aqua jogging classes have available kick boxing, yoga, tai chi, the newly popular Zumba, and weight classes. One of the enjoyable components of aqua aerobics is the variety.

Aqua jogging for cardio – For a runner who scoffs at an aqua jogging workout, have them try it first. Experienced runners who get in the water, planning to knock off 5 miles, are surprised at how they have to scale back their first session. The resistance component of water can bring the heart rate up like a hill repeat workout. Injured runners who have used aqua jogging for as long as six months have reported no loss of cardio capability.

A social workout – A group doing exercises in the pool may work out and breathe hard during the exercise, but there’s a lot of laughing and conversation between sets or exercises. The enjoyment factor of aqua aerobics is a huge plus, as people in the class compare notes about how they fell during that last balancing exercise, or how tough the teacher is.

A lot of fun – Remember walking into the gym and seeing all the serious faces? Especially in the weight workout area, those working out tend to be very focused on their work, and don’t look like they’re having a lot of fun. By contrast, aqua aerobics is a lot of fun. People smile a lot, enjoy the workouts and the different exercises, and don’t seem as gnarly as the guy at the lat station in the local gym.

There are many ways to get in an aqua aerobics workout, and a lot of advantages to this method of exercise. For the beginner, start with a class to see what the experience is all about, and what kind of workout routine will work best for you.

Becky Flanigan was an English major in college, and now enjoys writing freelance articles for In The Swim. Becky has a great time on family weekend trips with her husband, 3 kids, and 2 golden retrievers. She spends many happy hours at the family swimming pool, watching the kids and dogs splash around.  She is also an avid gardener – and even helps friends landscape and decorate their yards.

Best Shampoo for Oily, Dry, Thinning, or Colored Hair

Regardless of whether your hair is curly or straight, long or short, you want it to look clean, full, and healthy. Hair doesn’t really get dirty from everyday activities. The oils from your scalp can make it look dirty. Finding the best shampoo that has the right chemical balance keeps your hair looking healthy and shiny.

Our skin produces sebum to coat and protect the hair and hair follicle. Sebum is a greasy substance that gives your hair shine. Too much sebum causes strands of hair to clump together, making your hair look dirty. Sebum doesn’t absorb water, so rinsing your hair in water won’t make your hair look clean. Shampoos contain detergents that bind to oil particles in hair. The detergent attaches to the sebum and washes excess oil away when you rinse your hair.

Shampoo also contains ingredients that alter the PH factor. When a shampoo has a PH that is too high for your hair, it can damage your hair. People with thinning hair can protect fragile hair by choosing a shampoo with a low PH. Some shampoos also have chemicals that protect against the sun, hair dryer and styling aid heat, hair color, sun, and chlorine.

Shampoo vs. Alternative Hair Cleansers

There are numerous brands of bottled shampoos available, but there are some hair cleaning alternatives that do just as well. Alternatives take a bit more work on your part, but if you’re set on knowing what ingredients are lurking in your shampoo, it might be worth some experimenting.

Shampoo bars look like a bar of soap, but they are specially formulated for cleaning hair. Many varieties are available, so it pays to research ingredients and customer experience.

Health and beauty stores carry all of the ingredients that you need to make your own shampoo. Typical ingredients include coconut milk, vitamin E oil, almond and olive oils. You can add your favorite essential oils to get your favorite scent. Soapnuts can also be used to make your own shampoo.

Baking soda has many uses, including cleansing hair. Dissolve it in some water, apply, and rinse. Use it sparingly—a little goes a long way. Be sure to rinse thoroughly because baking soda can be stubborn about leaving your hair.

There are a few dry shampoos available. Water tends to dry hair out, especially if you have hard water. Just powder it on and brush it out.

If you’re still looking for the best shampoo for your hair type, find some of the best ones here:


  • Maple Holistics Shampoo
  • Tru Moroccan Shampoo for Oily Hair
  • Maple Holistics Silk 18 Natural Conditioning Shampoo
  • Art Naturals Organic Argan Oil Shampoo
  • Pura d’or Premium Organic Argan Oil
  • Honeydew Hair Loss Shampoo

Maple Holistics Shampoo, Organic Rosemary, for Oily Hair

Maple Holistics shampoo tackles oily hair at the roots by balancing sebum secretion levels for a deep, down treatment for oily, greasy hair. The formula contains anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial agents that stimulate the cell renewal of hair follicles. Using extracts from the French Cypress tree, the ingredients combat excess perspiration from the sebaceous glands. Lemon, basil, and rosemary work together with the French Cypress extract and leave the hair fresh and smelling fragrant.

Tru Moroccan Shampoo for Oily Hair

This is a shampoo that works equally well for oily hair as for fragile hair. The clarifying formula balances oils in the sebaceous glands to control dandruff and control itching and flaking. The formula contains all natural ingredients. It doesn’t contain parabens, pabas, or other harmful chemicals that dry and damage hair. It has a fresh, citrus scent.

Maple Holistics Silk 18 Natural Conditioning Shampoo for Dry Hair

Silk 18 is formulated with 18 different silk amino acids that combine to make hair silky and shiny. It contains botanical keratin to take away frizz and reduce static. This shampoo gently cleans hair and has some conditioning properties, but it’s recommend to be used with a conditioner, such as the Maple Silk 18 conditioner. It contains jojoba and argan oils to strengthen and protect hair. It is safe enough to be used on color-treated hair.

Art Naturals Organic Argan Oil Shampoo for Dry, Damaged and Colored Hair

Jojoba oil and extracts from the Moroccan argan tree give this formula deep hydration properties that work with the natural processes of hair growth. It moisturizes hair follicles while reducing flaking and treating dry scalp. This shampoo restores split ends caused by the sun, heat, and chemicals. Not only is this product organic and hypoallergenic, it is infused with peach, avocado, and almond oils to give it a natural, botanical scent.

Pura d’or Premium Organic Argan Oil Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo

This product has a natural preservative system that is completely derived from plant extracts. The formula effectively blocks DHT, the hormone that is responsible for hair loss. The DHT blocker nourishes follicles and regenerates hair growth. It is wholly organic and does not contain sulfates, parabens, or chemical preservatives.  It is safe for all hair types for men and women and it can be used daily.

Honeydew Hair Loss Shampoo

Get thicker, fuller hair with an advanced formula that contains evening primrose, sesame, and rosemary regrowth oils. This product is made without harmful sulfates and parabens. The moisturizing formula boosts natural volume and shine. It is a versatile product that can be used for men, women, and people from all cultural and ethnic backgrounds. It also works well on graying and color-treated hair.

L’Oreal Paris EverPure Sulfate-free Color Care System

L’Oreal is known for quality products and this system for color-treated hair is no exception. This product includes shampoo, conditioner and color treatment. It is formulated with natural botanicals to offer an anti-fade system to keep your color rich. It also contains UV properties to fight against color that fades when exposed to the sun. It is a hydrating shampoo that is infused with invigorating rosemary and juniper. It does not contain sulfates.

You might be surprised to know that the lathering qualities of shampoo do nothing to clean or condition hair. Shampoo manufacturers include them because consumers enjoy the scent and feel. It’s also a myth that “squeaky clean” hair means your hair is clean and healthy. Hair that squeaks means that it has been stripped of oils that keep our hair healthy.

The Best Treadmill For Home Use


Running is one of the easiest and most beneficial of all forms of exercise, and it is a great way to keep fit or get into shape. However, too much running or prolonged running can be bad for you and put strain on your legs and back. Luckily for us, the treadmill was invented.

A treadmill is the most popular of all home gym equipment pieces, and they can be found in millions of households worldwide. There are three reasons why treadmills have proven so successful over the years:

Click Here To View Top Rated Treadmills

• Convenience: Let’s face it running outdoors can take up a lot of time, and if the weather is freezing, hot or it’s dark, then it isn’t the most pleasant of activities. A treadmill eliminates all of these factors by allowing you to exercise in your own home. If your schedule is too busy during the week, then a treadmill allows you to get a quick run in between work

• Fitness: Running is one of the best ways to get fit or lose weight. Running on a treadmill offers a sure way to keep on your fitness routine right in your own home.

• Low Impact: When compared to outdoor running, treadmills have no where near the same high impact effects that outdoor running can cause. Quality treadmills are built with an absorption surface so that your legs don’t jar when you strike the machine, this means that you are less likely to experience shin splints, runners knee or back problems from exercising.

Because treadmills have proven to be so popular there is a saturation of products on the treadmill market and trying to decide on the right treadmill to buy can be an overwhelming process and is often a time consuming hassle.

This is why we have put together a list of the Top 10 Treadmills for Home in 2017. We understand everyone has a different budget, and therefore the list only comprises of machines that cost less than $1000 dollars.


  • Horizon Fitness T101-04 Treadmill
  • Proform Performance 400 Treadmill
  • Merit Fitness 715T Plus Treadmill
  • Lifespan TR 1200i Folding Treadmill
  • ProForm 6.0 Rt
  • ProForm Power 995i Treadmill
  • ProForm Power 995c Treadmill
  • ProForm Cardio Smart


This treadmill comes with speeds up to 10mph and an adjustable incline of 10 %. It has a 20 x 55 inch belt and its sonic surround speakers are iPod and MP3 compatible. There are 30 program options on the machine. A weight limit of 300 pounds exists and it has good warranty options.

Proform Performance 400 Treadmill

The performance 400 has a strong 2.5 CHP motor with a 10mph speed option, as well as an adjustable gradient of up to 10 percent. There are 18 workout apps that can be used on this machine and the music system is iPod compatible. It comes with a grip heart rate monitor, a cooling fan and a 300 pounds weight maximum.

Merit Fitness 715T Plus Treadmill 

This machine offers an 18 x 47 inch working surface that is generated by a 2.5 THP drive motor (1.5 CHP). There is a manual 5 percent adjustable incline and 0- 10mph speed options, and a 250-pound maximum weight capacity.

Lifespan TR 1200i Folding Treadmill 

This has a spacious 20 x 56 inch running surface that is powered by a 2.5 horsepower driver motor. It has 15 different incline options and up to 11 mph running speeds. Standout LCD system that hosts over 20 different kinds of program options for any level of runner, and an iPod compatible speaker system as well as a pedometer.

ProForm 6.0 Rt 

A simple, budget treadmill with a 10mph running speed option, 10% incline control and 2.5 CHP motor. It has an 18x 55-inch belt, an iPod compatible system and 8 inbuilt workout apps.

ProForm Power 995i Treadmill

This spacious and strong treadmill with a 20x 60-inch belt and a 3.0 CHP driver motor with a 0-14 mph running speed and a 15-degree incline option. The LCD system is very high tech and is compatible for Apple products including iPods and iFit, and it boasts 30 preset workout apps.

ProForm Power 995c Treadmill -Click To Read Product Reviews

This machine has a 15% incline control and 12mph running speeds that are powered by a 3 CHP motor. It is iFit and iPod compatible, as well as having 30 inbuilt workout apps and a maximum weight of 350 pounds.

ProForm Cardio Smart 

There is a 0-10 mph running speed and 0-10% incline option with a 2.5 CHP driver motor. The LCD is compatible to iPod, Mp3 and iFit and it offers 16 built in work out apps.

Nautilus T614 Treadmill 

The Nautilus T614 treadmill is run on a 2.75 CHP motor, which runs a 20 x 55-inch belt. There is an adjustable incline of 12% and running speeds up to 12mph. It has a USB port and a big speaker system for quality sound. The maximum user weight is 300 pounds.

Gold’s Gym Trainer 110 Treadmill 

This treadmill has an 18 x 50 inch belt and a 2.0 CHP motor. The running speed is 0-10mph and the incline options go up to 10%. There are 8 inbuilt workout apps and a pulse grip heart rate monitor, as well as 2 lb. free weight set.

Treadmills are an expensive investment and therefor it is important that you choose the perfect machine to fit your home. Remember when buying one that you must consider how heavy you are, what your fitness levels require, your height, the amount of power you want in the motor and of course how much you are willing to spend.

We hope that our Top 10 list of Treadmills for your home for under $1000 will assist you in choosing the perfect treadmill for your home.

Best Moisturizer for Dry, Oily, & Acne Prone Skin (2017 Reviews)

The skin on your face is some of the most delicate, yet most abused skin on your body.  Think about it, from makeup to weather, your face deals with some of the most extremes.  All this abuse can lead to breakouts, wrinkles, sun damage, and other telltale signs of aging.  That’s why you want to do your best to take care of your face as well as all the skin on your body.  

One of the best ways to care for your skin is to use a moisturizing lotion.  This can leave your skin feeling fresh and dewy and help fight a lot of the abuse and aging your skin endures.  The tricky part about finding the best moisturizer is to find one that works well with your skin type.  You don’t want your moisturizer to cause even more problems on your face.


  • Alinea Skin Care Vitamin-C Serum
  • CeraVe Moisturizing Lotion
  • Aveeno Active Naturals Daily Moisturizing Lotion
  • Cetaphil Daily Advance Lotion
  • Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion
  • Vaseline Intensive Care Essential Healing Lotion

That’s why we created this list of the top ten best moisturizer lotions for dry, oily, and acne prone skin in 2017.  Depending on your skin type, you can find the best moisturizer to help you feel beautiful and ready to face the world.

Skin Types

Before we look at the lotions, let’s review three common types of skin.  This can help you figure out what type of skin you have as well as what moisturizer lotion will work best.

Dry skin is fairly rough to the touch and can feel tight, itchy, and uncomfortable.  If you usually have flaky spots on your skin, this is a good indication that you have dry skin.  You might also have red patches and very visible lines.

Oily skin is usually shiny and has a light sheen of oil on the surface.  This type of skin breaks out fairly easily, is more acne prone, and you might notice that you get frequent clogged pores.  You don’t have has many noticeable lines either.

Combination skin has both dry patches and oily spots on the face.  You may notice that your cheeks are dry and flaky but your forehead and nose are covered in oil.  You usually break out in acne in your oily spots but not where your skin is drier.

Top 10 Moisturizer Lotions for Dry, Oily, and Acne Prone Skin in 2017

Alinea Skin Care Vitamin-C Serum with Hyaluronic Acid and Green & White-Tea Extracts – Read Product Reviews

This moisturizing lotion is made based on scientific research to provide the best skin care.  It’s formulated for all skin types, so no matter which kind you have this lotion will work.  It has a combination of natural ingredients like Vitamin-C and tea extracts to help your skin feel smooth and moisturized as well ahs Hyaluronic acid to help your skin fight wrinkles and age spots.

It also smells great and the way that it is formulated and stored helps prevent the breakdown of the ingredients over time.  This means that it will be just as effective at the bottom of the bottle as it was at the beginning.

CeraVe Moisturizing Lotion – Read Product Reviews

Not only is this moisturizing lotion affordable, CeraVe helps your skin to attract and hold onto moisture.  It will restore and create a protective skin barrier all while helping your skin naturally hold and distribute moisture.  And all it takes is one single application.

It’s fragrance-free, non-comedogenic and will work with normal to dry skin.  It naturally helps you restore balance to your skin.

Aveeno Active Naturals Daily Moisturizing Lotion – Read Product Reviews

Another affordable solution to your dry skin.  Aveeno Active Naturals is made for extremely dry skin, but because it is non-comedogenic it won’t clog your pores if you tend towards more oily or acne prone skin.

It is made with natural ingredients like oatmeal to quickly relieve dry skin.  Aveeno gives all day moisture protection and it is fragrance-free so nothing will irritate your skin.  It’s also fast absorbing so you won’t have to wait long for dry skin relief.

Cetaphil Daily Advance Lotion – Read Product Reviews

If you have extremely dry and sensitive skin, Cetaphil Daily Advance Lotion is for you.  This is an ultra-hydrating lotion that is fast absorbing to bring dry skin relief.  It is clinically proven to replenish the moisture content in your skin and delivers 24-hour results.

It’s fragrance-free and is made with five key ingredients to keep your skin soft and smooth.  It’s also a fairly affordable product.

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion – Read Product Reviews

This moisturizing lotion is a little more expensive but it delivers twice as much hydration as most other lotions.  It is made for very dry to dry combination skin, so it should work for most skin types.  It’s made to help strengthen your skin’s natural barrier and retain 54% more moisture.

You do have to apply this lotion twice a day, once in the morning and once at night to get the best results.

Vaseline Intensive Care Essential Healing Lotion – Read Product Reviews

A brand that has been around awhile and that you probably know well.  That’s because Vaseline works well for dry skin.  This healing lotion is made to penetrate deep into three layers of the skin to give you intense moisture throughout your skin.  It contains natural ingredients like oat extract to gently rehydrate your skin.

It is fast absorbing, non-greasy, and will work for all skin types.

Vanicream Moisturizing Skin Cream – Read Product Reviews

Vanicream moisturizing skin cream is great for people with severe skin conditions such as eczema, dermatitis, or extremely dry skin.  It can also be used to treat blistering sunburns.  It’s free of fragrance, parabens, dyes, and formaldehyde.  The formula is fast acting and non-greasy.

Eucerin Original Healing Soothing Rich Lotion – Read Product Reviews

Eucerin is a dermatologist recommended brand when it comes to treating extreme conditions like eczema or psoriasis.  This lotion will help to seal in moisture to provide all day skin relief.  It’s also free of fragrance or dyes so it won’t clog pores and cause breakouts.

DML Moisturizing Lotion – Read Product Reviews

DML is a brand of lotion that was created by a team of dermatologists to soothe even the driest skin.  It is free of any irritants so it can work with oily and combination skin as well.  This lotion is a thick cream that helps provide moisture and can be used daily with excellent results.  It is fast absorbing and will condition and heal your skin.

Burt’s Bees Milk & Honey Body Lotion – Read Product Reviews

If you’re looking for a lotion that is made with all natural ingredients, then Burt’s Bees is a good place to start, This lotion is made with coconut and grapeseed oils as well as nourishing ingredients such as vitamin e, milk, and honey.  It helps moisturize for up to 24 hours and is dermatologist tested to work for normal to dry skin types.

Most of the moisturizer lotions on this list will work for all different types of skin because we know it’s important for all skin types to get the right amount of moisture.  Hopefully, this list of top 10 moisturizer lotions helps you find the perfect choice for your skin.

Best Antiperspirant For Men & Women (2017 Reviews)

Excessive sweating and extreme levels of perspiration can be embarrassing and stressful. Consumers will be happy to learn that there are a variety of clinical antiperspirant products available on the market, which do not require a doctor’s prescription to purchase. The process of narrowing down your choices and choosing the right product can be a time consuming task. To help you find the best product for your needs, we’ve done the research for you to come up with this list of the top 10 clinical antiperspirant products for men and women for 2017.

Search Amazon For The Best Antiperspirant For Men and Women


  • SweatBlock Antiperspirant – Clinical Strength
  • Mitchum Smart Solid Clinical Performance Anti-Perspirant
  • Degree Clinical Protection Anti-Perspirant & Deodorant
  • Secret Clinical Strength, Smooth Solid Women’s Antiperspirant & Deodorant
  • Degree Men Clinical Antiperspirant and Deodorant
  • MiracleDry AM/PM Antiperspirant System
  • Perspirex Underarm Roll-on Antiperspirant

Our Favorite Clinical Antiperspirant Products for Men and Women in 2017

SweatBlock Antiperspirant – Clinical Strength – Read Product Reviews

This extra strength antiperspirant by SweatBlock provides clinical-level protection to control excessive sweating. The doctor-recommended product has a top-rated best seller rating and provides up to 7 days of full protection. The SweatBlock product includes 8 individually wrapped towelettes that are pre-moistened with antiperspirant. Consumers are provided with a full 30-day money back guarantee if not satisfied.

Mitchum Smart Solid Clinical Performance Anti-Perspirant and Deodorant – Read Product Reviews

The clinical strength formula of this product by Mitchum provides advanced level protection from extreme sweating and perspiration. The unique formula helps to keep you dry and fresh, protects your clothing, and does not leave a white residue after application. Special conditioners protect and shield the skin from irritation after application of the product on the underarm area.

Degree Clinical Protection Anti-Perspirant & Deodorant – Read Product Reviews

 This dermatologist tested anti-perspirant product by Degree offers strong clinical-level protection from excessive levels of sweating. Degree Clinical Protection shields against wetness without causing irritation. Available without a prescription, the product is made with patented ingredients that include specialized skin moisturizers that help to protect the skin. This product is available as an over-the-counter (OTC) antiperspirant and does not require a doctor’s prescription.

Secret Clinical Strength, Smooth Solid Women’s Antiperspirant & Deodorant – Read Product Reviews

This highly rated product is a top seller among clinical strength antiperspirants for women, providing long-lasting protection against excessive sweating and wetness. Special skin conditioners plus a refreshing scent help keep you dry and comfortable all day long. Secret Clinical Strength, Smooth Solid Women’s Antiperspirant & Deodorant provides advanced-level waterproof protection. This product does not require a doctor’s prescription to purchase and is available as an over-the-counter (OTC) antiperspirant. Secret Clinical Strength is available in a variety of fragrances that includes floral scents and citrus tones plus unscented.

Degree Men Clinical Antiperspirant and Deodorant – Read Product Reviews

When used at nighttime before retiring to bed, this top-rated product from Degree provides a full day of top-level protection from excessive wetness and perspiration. The special formulation of MotionSense technology provides freshness by releasing an infusion of fragrance that is activated by motion and physical activity. Available without a prescription, Degree Men Clinical Antiperspirant and Deodorant has protective moisturizers that help prevent underarm skin irritation following application of the product.

MiracleDry AM/PM Antiperspirant System – Read Product Reviews

This dual product system provides advanced-level protection for extreme wetness. The formula includes two unique roll-on products, one of which is to be applied during the morning and the other at night. The clinical strength ingredients are FDA compliant for safe and effective treatment of excessive perspiration. MiracleDry provides consumers with a full 60-day, money back guarantee if not satisfied with the product.

Perspirex Underarm Roll-on Antiperspirant – Read Product Reviews

A single application of Perspirex Underarm Roll-On Antiperspirant provides solid protection against excessive sweating for a period of 3 to 5 days. Perspirex uses Aluminum Chloride as the primary ingredient to help prevent the overproduction of perspiration from the sweat glands. The product’s fragrance-free formula is non-staining, provides clinical-level effectiveness, and only requires 1-3 applications during the week for full protection against wetness. Perspirex helps to keep you dry and comfortable with its long-lasting formula.

Zerosweat Antiperspirant – Read Product Reviews

Zerosweat provides advanced-level protection from excessive wetness and reduces the level of perspiration for up a period up to 7 days per each application. The product is FDA compliant, is non-staining, and is most effective when applied prior to retiring to bed at night. The concentrated formula in 1 bottle of Zerosweat is long-lasting and can provide protection against excessive sweating and extreme wetness for up to 60 days.

Maxim Prescription Strength Antiperspirant & Deodorant – Read Product Reviews

Clinical strength Maxim antiperspirant provides long-lasting protection from excessive sweating, with one application lasting up to 96 hours. This product works best when applied at night right before going to bed and keeps you comfortable by preventing extreme underarm wetness brought on by hyperhidrosis. All-day dryness is a feature of this dermatology recommended product that shields and protects the sensitive underarm area without irritating ingredients.

Certain Dri Roll-On Anti-Perspirant – Read Product Reviews

Designed to protect against excessive sweating and wetness, Certain Dri Roll-On Anti-Perspirant is recommended by doctors and does not require a prescription to purchase. The antiperspirant is most effective when applied lightly at nighttime before going to bed. Clinical strength Certain Dri is unscented and is recognized by the FDA as being a safe antiperspirant that is effective in the treatment of hyperhidrosis or extreme levels of wetness and perspiration.

This list of clinical antiperspirant products for men and women includes a variety of products that offer effective treatment for excessive levels of sweating. The list includes a range of prices to meet the varying budgets and personal preferences of consumers that are seeking a quality product that is also affordable. We hope that these top-rated clinical antiperspirants help you to find the best product so that you can get back to enjoying life without worrying about the problem of excessive sweating.

Top Ten Reasons You Should Be Doing Kegel Exercises

Kegel exercises, also called “pelvic floor exercises”, deserve special attention for the tremendous benefits they offer to the urinary and reproductive systems in both men and women.

They were first introduced in 1948 by Dr. Arnold Kegel, a gynecologist in Iowa who made advances in understanding the importance of the strength of a woman’s pelvic floor – the muscles and connective tissue of the pelvis.

Say the word “Kegel” and in-the-know middle schoolers everywhere will giggle, but this exercise habit is no laughing matter. There are amazing health benefits of doing Kegels, working wonders for men and women alike. Here are a few of the most convincing reasons to give Kegels a try:

1. You are probably one of those who could benefit from Kegels. A weakened pelvic floor is not an uncommon problem, and Kegels are designed specifically to strengthen that muscle group. Anything can lead to a weak pelvis, from abdominal surgery to a hip injury to chronic strain or fatigue. And I’ll say it again – men are not exempt from benefiting from Kegel exercises.

2. The stronger your pelvic floor is, the more supported your internal organs are. And the more supported your organs are, the better they function. Health in the pelvic organs is extremely important for a healthy body, as most of these organs are key parts of the body’s way of ridding itself of waste and toxins.

3. A stronger pelvis means less chance of urinary incontinence. Urinary incontinence is something that can affect all people, and it probably affects more of us than most people realize. The older a person gets, the more susceptible he or she is to urinary incontinence. Do your Kegels now and save yourself a few trips down the adult diaper aisle later.

4. A stronger pelvis also means less chance of anal incontinence. Though this benefit pretty much speaks for itself, I will flourish it with a “ditto for #3.”

5. Disorders of the reproductive organs in both men and women can be prevented by Kegel exercises. Prolapse of the uterus in women and pain or swelling of the prostate in men are painful, potentially dangerous conditions that can be treated or avoided with the regular use of pelvic floor exercises.

6. Kegel exercises help strengthen the body during pregnancy, in preparation for childbirth.While this isn’t necessarily a universal benefit of Kegel exercises, childbearing women experience the benefits directly, and men have the indirect benefit of partners who are able to come through the final states of pregnancy and then childbirth with greater ease and less physical trauma. Everybody wins!

7. People with a stronger pelvic floor may have better sex. Men and women both are able to benefit from stronger muscles and better control “down there.” Men benefit from stronger erections and more control, and women may be more sensitive and have overall more enjoyable experiences.

8. A stronger pelvis means healthier hips. The muscle groups in and around the hips are critical for keeping that major bone structure straight. Hips that are out of alignment can lead to all sorts of structural and internal problems, from back pain and nerve damage to digestive issues. Because the hips are joined to the base of the spine, very few hip problems remain localized, and nearly any system in the body can be affected.

9. Having a stronger pelvic floor can prevent scary disorders. While the threat of pelvic organ prolapse, anismus, rectocele, and functional constipation probably haven’t kept you up at night, these are serious problems that these simple exercises can help to prevent.

10. Deliberately engaging a smaller, specific part of your body will keep you more in touch with your own health. When you are conscious and conscientious about one area of your health or your body, the benefits can become systemic. In other words, special attention in one area may spill over into special attention in other areas. And the more conscious and aware you are of your body, the better off you’ll be in the long run!

These are ten of the main benefits of doing Kegel exercises, though this list is by no means exhaustive. With the perks affecting both men and women, it’s a wonder that the practice of Kegels isn’t more widespread. Were you familiar with Kegels beforehand? Have you ever done the exercises regularly, and if so, did you notice any benefits?

To learn more about the benefits of Kegel exercises, check out these other great resources: Wikipedia and Livestrong.

Seven Pool Exercises to Enhance Your Cardio Workouts

When the weather is warm, the building is open, or the inner polar bear is roaring for a chilly adventure, a pool workout may be just the ticket for a new or re-energized cardio workout routine.

While there’s something decidedly un-glamorous about the phrase water aerobics, the health benefits of water aerobics are undeniable. The resistance that water generates creates stronger muscles and boosts workout intensity, and because water also supports your weight, pool exercises are ideal for many people dealing with painful conditions, chronic illness, or recent physical trauma like surgery or injury. Here are seven swimming exercises you can do to create your own water aerobics routine.

1. Jogging. Jogging in the water burns more calories and strengthens you more than jogging on land. For your water jogging to be most effective, stay in water that is waist-deep and jog in high-intensity intervals of 1-3 minutes, alternating with some of the less intense exercises on this list. If jogging is too intense, try walking at a fast pace. This is a terrific cardio exercise.

2. Spiderman. Facing the side of the pool, in water that is chest-high, use a sweeping motion with your arms to keep your upper body stable while your legs “run up” the side of the pool, just like Spiderman. This exercise simply cannot be imitated on land, and it will strengthen your core and back muscles.

3. Fly Backs. In chest-high water, extend one leg forward and lunge with the back leg straight until the water comes over your shoulders. Hold both arms in front of you, with elbows straight, palms flat, fingers extended, and thumbs forward (like a stiff clap). Open your arms straight out to your sides – don’t let your wrists get too far behind you. Sweep your arms open and shut for 8 to 15 reps. Do four sets of reps, alternating which leg is in front. These will work out your chest and upper back muscles; add a cardio element by walking or jogging around the pool while you do them.

4. Superman. Stand facing the side of the pool in chest-deep water. Rest your hands on the edge of the pool and bring your body and legs straight out. Hold this position for 30-second intervals, with a 1-2 minute rest between. If this move is too easy, try moving your legs up and down in a continual motion. This exercise strengthens the shoulders, back, and core.

5. Leg Lifts. Stand facing the side of the pool in waist– or chest-deep water. Rest your fingers on the side of the pool for balance, stand on one leg, and raise the other leg as high as you can while maintaining proper alignment (hips parallel to the wall, toe pointed, and top of the foot straight up or tilted slightly back, not rolled forward). Hold the position for 10 to 20 seconds, lower it, and do the same thing on the other side. Do 8 to 10 reps, with one rep being a lift on both sides. You’ll strengthen the core, build balance, and improve flexibility.

6.  Current Chaos. If you have the whole pool to yourself, you may want to try creating currents and then running through them. Start in one corner of the pool and run in a wide zig-zag pattern to the opposite corner. Immediately return to your starting corner, taking a straight path. You’ll have to cross through all the currents you created with the zig-zag, adding all sorts of chaotic resistance. Repeat the pattern for as many three-minute intervals as you’d like, alternating with some of the less intense exercises above. NOTE: good posture is essential for this exercise. Your shoulders, hips, and ears should all be in a straight line up and down each other.

7. Laps. Laps are maybe not the most exciting pool exercise, but they are absolutely one of the most effective ways to get your heart rate going, burn fat, and tone your body. If you are new to swimming laps, start out with an easy regimen: swim four lengths of the pool, in any stroke, at an easy pace. Take breaks at each end, as needed. Repeat five to ten times. And if you are new to swimming or are otherwise struggling, there is no shame in using a kick board for your first few sessions. As your cardiovascular system adjusts to the new requirements of working in water, you’ll be able to toss the prop and increase the number of laps you do.

Water exercise would make a great addition to your workout routine. In the pool, you can get an effective workout for your core and your cardiovascular system while easing the strain on your joints and spine. So next time you think you couldn’t handle another minute on the treadmill or in the weight room, give the pool a try. Check out this awesome pool exercise article on Lifescript and this great video about pool workouts on Youtube.