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Beginner’s Guide to Choosing a Guitar

We live in a world where a person’s social status can be judged by one’s ability to play a musical instrument. A place where the word ‘guitarist’ almost corresponds with the “cool” social status. This is one of the numerous reasons why people in general have gone through the phase of wanting to learn how to play a guitar. Unfortunately, not all have the passion or dedication required to be taken as a serious musician by discerning and adoring fans. But for those that do, they need to realize that picking the right guitar to begin with is much harder than learning to play it. Read more →

No Musical Talent? No Problem!

Everybody, in some point of their lives, have dreamt of becoming a rock star. Fame and fortune has always been a great motivation for most angst-y adolescents who wants to be successful without the hassles of a college diploma. And when one says ‘rock star’, the image of a leather-wearing, makeup laden, wild-looking man with a guitar never fails to pop up in mind. Hence, it is quite understandable that every fantasy involving adoring fans and ear-splitting records is made of the intense desire to learn how to play a guitar. Read more →

Guitars 101: The History of Modern Guitars

Quick, think of one thing that you need to have at hand in order to ‘look’ remotely cool. Had an image of a guitar suddenly popped up in your head?

It is no secret that guitarists, from time immemorial, had always enjoyed a certain amount of notoriety not limited to the music industry to an extent that learning how to play a guitar has already become an essential phase in every teenage generation. It appears to be that one fad that never seems to mellow out or die down no matter how many decades pass. Like everything else, guitars have a rich history that is perfectly augmented with time. Read more →