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No Musical Talent? No Problem!

Everybody, in some point of their lives, have dreamt of becoming a rock star. Fame and fortune has always been a great motivation for most angst-y adolescents who wants to be successful without the hassles of a college diploma. And when one says ‘rock star’, the image of a leather-wearing, makeup laden, wild-looking man with a guitar never fails to pop up in mind. Hence, it is quite understandable that every fantasy involving adoring fans and ear-splitting records is made of the intense desire to learn how to play a guitar.

Relative to a beginner’s physical ability and determination, a guitar is a one of the easiest musical instruments to learn how to play with the exception of course, if you are tone-deaf, then no amount of determination can help. While some manage to learn to play the guitar either by playing by ear or being specifically gifted, most requires to take lessons and practice extensively in order to perfect their craft.

There are numerous reasons why most beginners are easily dissuaded in learning how to play a guitar. While some think that they needed to be ‘musically-inclined’ to get started, most are just thinking that they had started too late (as the saying goes “You simply cannot teach an old dog new tricks”). The good news is, it’s never too late to learn anything as simple as guitar-playing. The hardest part of learning how to play is for the calluses on the fingertips to develop which is required just so you can actually enjoy playing, otherwise you might just give up for nursing sore fingers.

Most beginners think that learning to decently play any musical instrument entails the help and guidance of a music teacher and/or expensive music lessons. The beauty of learning how to play a guitar is that you can literally do it by yourself. The internet, for one, offers various web sites that offer free lessons – not to mention numerous books, CDs and DVDs that also feature instructions on how to play guitar. All you need to do is choose wisely which instruction you would find easy to follow. The learning course we recommend is Jamorama.

However, finding the right guitar to play may not be as easy as teaching yourself how to play it. It is imperative that you start with the basics. For most beginners, it is recommended that one learns to play with an acoustic rather than an electric guitar. Though the strings of an electric guitar may indeed be kinder to your fingertips, an acoustic guitar will help you become fully accustomed with strumming the strings and help develop the much-needed calluses much faster.

Just remember: Patience is a virtue. You can’t expect yourself to do those awesome Gene Simmons’ or Slash’s solo without taking the time and effort to actually practice. Allot at least 30 minutes of your time daily to allow your fingertips to familiarize with the guitar strings. You can also do some hand exercises, like squeezing a tennis ball, to help strengthen your hand. Once you master the basics, you can gradually start experimenting with free-form and playing tunes you’ve heard by ear.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead, pick up a guitar and be the rock star you’ve always dreamt of.

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