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50 Really Good Truth or Dare Questions

If you want to learn more about your friends, have a nice game of Truth or Dare. These questions are great because they’re adequately embarrassing, but keep things clean. Even still, we don’t recommend using them in games with teens or kids.


Here are the best truth or dare questions:

  • What would you do if you could see one day into the future?
  • Would you abandon your best friends for 1 million dollars?
  • Would you commit a crime if you knew there was no way you’d get in trouble, and no one would get hurt?
  • If your significant other said they were okay with it, would you cheat on them?
  • Who was your first crush?
  • If you were the opposite sex for the day, what do you think you would look like and what would you do?
  • What music are you most embarrassed to admit you like listening to?
  • What TV show are you most embarrassed to admit you like watching?
  • If you could go on a date with anyone in this room, who would it be?
  • Who in this room do you trust the most?
  • What’s the longest period of time you have gone without bathing or showering?
  • What are you most afraid of?
  • What rumor have you spread that you knew wasn’t true?
  • What was the last lie you told?
  • Would you still love your significant other if they gained 100 pounds?
  • If you could trade bodies with anyone in this room, who would it be? What’s their best feature?
  • Have you ever killed a romantic mood on purpose? If so, why?
  • What is the meanest thing you’ve ever done?
  • What embarrassing things do you parents still do for you?
  • What was your first kiss like?
  • What’s the first thing you would do if you could become invisible?
  • How much money would you ever spend on a meal?
  • What is your very first memory?
  • Where is the best place you have ever visited?
  • Have you ever done something that left you feeling guilty for more than a few days?
  • What’s the meanest thing you have said to one of your parents or grandparents?
  • Have you ever cheated on a girlfriend or boyfriend?
  • How old were you when you had your first kiss?
  • What’s the scariest thing you have ever done?
  • What do you look for in a romantic partner?
  • Have you ever lost a friendship by falling in love with them?
  • What do you think are your best and worst physical features?
  • Do you know right now how many people you have kissed, or do you have to think about it before answering?
  • What’s your favorite movie?
  • On the average day, how much time do you spend online?
  • Have you ever downloaded a song or movie illegally?
  • Have you ever run away from the police?
  • Do you have anything on your computer that you wouldn’t want anyone else to see?
  • If you could trade one of your talents for something you don’t know how to do, what would they be?
  • How often do you cook at home?
  • What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done in front of your parents?
  • Have you ever seen a movie that was so sad you had to turn it off?
  • If you won the lottery, what would you do immediately after?
  • If you had to punch someone in this room, who would it be and why?
  • What’s the unhealthiest thing you have ever done?
  • How many hours do you spend watching TV during the weekend?
  • When’s the last time you took a vacation?
  • What’s your favorite genre of music?
  • What’s your biggest pet peeve?
  • How old do you think you will live to be?

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What would you do if you could see one day into the future?

This helps you see if the person would help others or use it for selfish reasons.

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