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The Whack a Mole Game

Assignments in my computer science classes are generally known to be difficult, even to people who aren’t in the class. There was one assignment that had been giving the students a lot of trouble. We were faced with the task of writing a program that would behave like a whack a mole game. When I first went into it, I was thinking that a whack a mole game would be a fun assignment, but I was wrong. I wondered if there were any computer science homework helpers that could guide me through the assignment. Through some searching on the Internet, I was able to find just the help that I needed.

I used a website that focused on helping people with computer science. The assignment had one thing about it that was giving me trouble, and it was how to put into action where the moles would appear and when. I was thinking about putting them in certain coordinates on a window, but then I didn’t really know how to implement that. Using the website, I was able to understand this and then put in a timing system so the moles would appear and disappear. After that, I put in a method to hit the moles and then used a scoring system with each hit.

After I completed the assignment, I had to play it in front of the teacher. He was using this as a way to grade us, and if the program ran well and he was able to beat it, he would give us a fair grade. As soon as the program ran, the teacher was hitting all of the moles with the keyboard. I had never seen anyone play a game of whack a mole that fast before, and I thought he was some kind of high class gamer.

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