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10 Really Sweet and Cute Things To Say To Your Girlfriend

Sometimes the best couples need no words to communicate. That strong bond that allows two people to connect non verbally is incredibly rare and wonderful. That being said, sometimes your girlfriend needs to hear something sweet and cute after a long day.

It may seem as if you need to be a poet laureate to craft the right words to melt your lady’s heart, but it isn’t as difficult as it may seem. There is a trick to saying cute and sweet things that are from the heart. Here are ten really cute and sweet things to say to your girlfriend and why they are so effective.


  1. How was your day?

The trick to saying this to your girlfriend is not so much in how you say it but how you listen to her answer. Women have been unfairly stereotyped to talking endlessly about the meaningless little events of their day, but sharing her life with you may be one of the ways your girlfriend shows how much she cares. If you are able to truly listen and react when you ask about her day, it can be one of the sweetest gestures you can extend to your girlfriend.

  1. I like sharing this with you.

Shared activities should be a given in any relationship. Women tend to really value quality time spent with you. When you openly acknowledge that your weekly karaoke night with your girlfriend is something you like and look forward to it makes that time even more special to her. Also by telling her which activities you do together that you really like, she can get a better idea of new things that you may enjoy. This open communication can only benefit your relationship.

  1. You are so good at this!

Everyone loves a good compliment! Instead of telling your girlfriend how sexy she looks in the outfit she wore to go bowling, instead praise her for that strike she just pulled in. Women like to be acknowledged for their capabilities; unfortunately many men never got the memo. You should still feel empowered to compliment your girlfriend’s appearance; just know that her mad skills are just as compliment-worthy as her killer smile.

  1. This is special.

Doing tasks for other people is a very common gesture of affection in women. If your girlfriend is the kind of person who likes to cook for you, or bring you small gifts and other thoughtful things, it is very important to let her know just how appreciated her efforts are. Thank you isn’t going to cut it; instead illustrate to her just how useful or helpful this particular effort was. If you woke up to find your favorite latte on your bedside table next to a sweet note from your girl, be sure to let her know just how great it was to save the five minutes before work you would have taken to make it yourself.

  1. I want this for you.

Sometimes daily life can be difficult. It is hard to always be a well-adjusted carefree individual when work, family, and other obligations demand our constant attention. If you want your girlfriend to be able to enjoy a night off with no work emails, or a vacation, tell her so. This shouldn’t be a criticism; instead, communicate to her just how much you want the very best for her. Your desire for her happiness will be very much appreciated and possibly make the burden of her responsibilities that much more bearable.

  1. You are beautiful.

Beauty is more than skin deep. While it is important to feel physical attraction to your partner, only focusing on the physical attributes of your girlfriend can leave her feeling like there is less of a connection on your end. It is equally as important to tell your girlfriend how giving she is, how lovely her laugh sounds to you, or how caring you find her. Knowing that you are with her for more than her looks is one of the sweetest gifts you can give to her.

  1. You are so smart!

Along the same lines of beautiful, telling your girlfriend how smart and capable she is can be a very sweet gesture.

  1. I want to hold your hand.

Physical intimacy doesn’t have to be reserved for the bedroom. Show your girlfriend how sweet you can be by asking if you can hold her hand. This is the perfect amount of P.D.A. The physical closeness without overt sexual vibes can be very romantic.

  1. You are my best friend.

Having a girlfriend that you tell everything to is a special bond in itself. It is often said by relationship experts that the best marriages come from friendships. If your girlfriend is your confidant and best friend, be sure to remind her of that constantly.

  1. Thank you for loving me.

There is nothing sweeter or cuter to say to your girlfriend than to express the gratitude you have for her.

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