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10 Really Sweet And Cute Things To Say To Your Boyfriend

Let’s face it: nobody’s perfect. Even the world’s greatest girlfriend needs tips on making her boyfriend happy every now and again. This is because daily life can have a dampening effect on passion and romance. A lack of passion can be the end of even the strongest relationships, so it is important to find ways to keep affection alive. One way to do this is with constant communication.

Here are 10 really sweet and cute things to say to you boyfriend in order to keep the communication open and the passion burning bright in your relationship.


1. I need you. It is human nature to want to feel useful. This is because we like having purpose and a place in the lives of those we care for. Your boyfriend feels the same way. Letting him know that having him in your life is considered a necessity can make a man feel incredibly special. Keep in mind that this is not needy. Neediness is considered a negative personality trait because it is an over-dependence on other people or things. Often people confuse need for neediness and neglect to tell those they care about that they are truly needed.

2. You’re a good man. You should be a big fan of your man’s physical appearance, but be sure to let him know that his character is desirable too. Men are not often credited for their outstanding character. If he is dependable or honest, be sure to tell him how much you respect and admire these traits within him. This kind of sweet positive reinforcement will only strengthen your bond as a couple, not to mention it will ensure that he continues to treat you to his best qualities.

3. I love when you do this. Praise is always sweet and cute when it is truly genuine. If your boyfriend makes a fantastic omelet, gives amazing shoulder rubs, or makes your heart melt because he always grabs your hand whenever he gets excited, tell him just how much you like the things he does.

4. Let’s go exploring! Awaken your boyfriend’s sense of adventure by suggesting an impromptu exploration of your neighborhood. Spending quality time will always add value to your relationship, but by asking him to go on an adventure you are telling your boyfriend that you think of the two of you as a team. He will find this incredibly sweet.

5. Can you please help me? Asking for your boyfriend’s help and utilizing his skills is going to make your boyfriend feel very special. Many women may object to the idea of not being self-sufficient and doing everything themselves, but your boyfriend will know that you trust his judgement and appreciate his help.

6. I am lucky to have you. The sweetest thing you can do for your boyfriend is to let him know just how you feel to have him in your life. Good relationships are rare. Make sure your man knows that you don’t take yours for granted.

7. I got us tickets! Getting you and your man tickets to his favorite sporting event, tour of his preferred brewery, or to watch a favorite band play is more than just a gift. It tells him you listen to him. You know him and his likes. Tickets for things he loves are considerate cute as well.

8. This makes me think of you. When you care about someone, every minor smell, sight, and experience can remind you of them. When the smell of your coworkers coffee reminds you of your first date with your now boyfriend at the local coffee shop, tell him about it! This is yet another way to let him know that his presence is appreciated and never taken for granted.

9. Your intelligence is sexy. Your boyfriend is probably handsome, but is he smart too? If he is, let him know how his intelligence turns you on. Many men don’t realize that physical attraction is intellectual for women as often as it is physical. It will make him feel special when you tell him you are hot for his brains as well as his brawn.

10. I love this about you. It may seem like this doesn’t need to be said, but even the most affectionate people forget to tell their partners just what it so special about them. Taking the time to tell your boyfriend just which traits he possesses that you love can do more than make him feel special. It can open the lines of communication and allow him to open up to you the same way.

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