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20 Cool and Cute Nicknames For Guys

Nicknames are sometimes seen as ways of teasing people. But they are really expressions of endearment and affection. Here are 20 cute and cool nicknames for guys. You may want to try them on the some of the men in your life.


Sponge This is a great name for a guy who seems to soak up any and all information given to him. It is also good for one of those guys who take on every task with alacrity and gets it done to perfection.

The Postman When he knows how to deliver—whether it be a favor to you or his promises to others or even the right joke at the right time.

Choir Boy This nickname should be reserved for those guys who always seem always good and dutiful. If the guy has never put one foot in the wrong direction, then this is a great name for him.

Icebox This is one for the guy who never makes any mistakes. The one who no matter what he does it turns out well and perfect and to his benefit.

Razor A nickname for the guy who knows how to say things that cut right to the core of matters. It can also be a great nickname for a guy who knows how to hurl insults that are so sharp and witty they’re impossible to come back from.

Shady Nearly everyone has a friend who is just not on the level in how he deals with people or whose way of making a living is not quite illegal but is a bit suspect. This is the perfect nickname for him. It denotes the idea of ambiguity and non-certainty.

Meat This is a nice one for the guy who is a bit chubby.

Tank If you have a friend who is strong and solid and moves slowly and a bit clumsily, this could be a perfect nickname for him. The image of the tank, a lumbering, powerful vehicle rolling across the field can be seen as an appropriate match.

Gooder This one is for the guy who is Mr. PC, whose is forever going on about the need to help the unfortunate and underprivileged. If you know anyone like that, then you should give him a nickname that befits his temperament and behavior.

Brain There is not a better nickname for the guy who seems to know everything. It’s appropriate for the one always gets the best grades and who seems to always be involved in some intellectual conversation or other.

Sandy The name can be attached to someone to acknowledge the color of their hair—sandy blonde or sandy brunette. If not, it’s just a really nice sounding name that many guys would welcome.

Hitch This is the perfect nickname for the serial monogamist. You know the type: the guy who doesn’t date as much as he enters relationship after relationship.

Bender This is for the guy who never stops partying. Even after college and youth have long passed, he still goes out drinking as though he never has to get serious about his life and his future.

Tower A clipped version of “Tower of Strength”.  This is for the guy who remains unshaken and unflappable no matter how dire and desperate the circumstances. It’s a name meant to compliment the virtue of such a person.

Brownie This can be used for the guy who has a really great shade of brown hair or brown eyes.

Red This is commonly used for a guy with red hair. But it can also be attached to your friend who turns red in the face when he’s about to lose his temper.

Trip There are a number of personality traits to which this nickname can be applied to. It can be reserved for your friend who regularly suggests things that are so mad one would think he was on an acid trip. It can also be given to your friend who tends to disappear for weeks or even months at a time.

Quick A great name for guys who are quick-tempered. That friend of yours who is easily angered or provoked deserves a nickname like this.

Handler This is for the guy who is always trying to get people to do something against their will. You probably know at least one person like this. They seem to always be organizing things and trying to get people involved with events and get-togethers for one purpose or another.

Babyface You may know someone who has an especially young looking face. Indeed, you may know a guy who looks as though he doesn’t even have to shave. This nickname is reserved for the men who seem to never grow old. As you can see, there are plenty of great nicknames that can be attached to guys that you know. They don’t have to infer meanness or cruelty. Indeed, they can be express a kind of awe and admiration.

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