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20 Really Good Never Have I Ever Questions

20 Really Good Never Have I Ever Questions

Here are 20 good never have I ever questions that can bring life to just about any party.  Maybe you’re just having some friends over for some drinks and a laugh. Asking these questions is sure to get things going.


Have you ever gone skinny dipping? It’s worth a try. It may be a bit cold at first, but your body will soon adjust.

Have you ever swum naked in a friend’s pool? If done as prank, you should keep it close hold. If done with your friend, it should come at the end of festive night.

Have you ever fallen for a girl at first sight? There is such a thing as love at first sight. If you have never experienced it, watch out. It can happen to any of us at any time.

Have you ever cheated on an exam? The temptation is great, especially if you’re unprepared. Doing it may seem so simple and easy that you will think it’s not so bad—at the time.

Have you ever been on an airplane? You’re not alone. You would be stunned at how many people have yet to take their first flight. Just don’t put it off for too long. It becomes harder to do as you get older.

Have you ever eaten food you dropped on the floor? The old five second rule can be applied here. But who says you should even be limited by this arbitrary time frame. If you keep your floors clean and its only you living in the house, it may not be so gross to pick up and eat.

Have you ever rummaged through the trash to find something you accidentally threw away? You may have been in a hurry when you were throwing things away. There is no shame in digging through the trash to recover that important document or piece of clothing.

Have you ever read a book of more than a thousand pages? Some long books are worth the read. They are so interesting and intriguing that you can get lost in the world of the author. War and Peace, Ulysses anyone?

Have you ever accidentally walked in on someone in a bathroom? It can be quite embarrassing for both you and the other person. That is why you should always open the door to a public toilet slowly.

Have you ever walked around all day with mismatched socks? Socks that are close in shade of color make this ever-present concern. Dark browns are especially troublesome.

Have you ever walked around all day with your t-shirt on backwards? You should try it for a day and see if anyone takes notice.

Have you ever had all of your credit cards rejected? If you haven’t I don’t recommend it. The experience is deeply humiliating.

Have you ever been out on a date and realized you left your wallet at home? Another experience to be avoided. Taking out the girl of your dreams to a nice restaurant and then realizing that you can’t pay for the meal will crush all hopes of a second date—unless she’s a really understanding person. Which she may be; that’s one of the reasons you like her, right?

Have you ever seen a solar eclipse? They don’t happen that often. If you hear that one is to occur, you should take time out to observe it. It’s one of those things everyone should do at least once.

Have you ever walked out of a movie theater half way through a film? You should never feel wedded to watching a film. Yes, you paid a lot of money for it. But a bad movie is a bad movie. You shouldn’t waste your time with it.

Have you ever been pulled over for speeding? You’ve been lucky. Don’t push it though.

Have you ever been slapped in the face for making a rude remark? Mind your manners and you can avoid this happening to you.

Have you ever witnessed a car accident as it happened? It is an incredible sight. Sometimes very tragic. Things occur much faster than they do in the movies.

Have you ever been to a major sporting event? Again, it would surprise you to learn how many people have not actually done this. It is quite an experience being part of a large crowd at a football, basketball, or baseball game.

Have you ever used the company phone to make a long distance phone call? If you haven’t, then you are a really good employee. This is one of the most common forms of employee abuse. The people who do it tend not to view it that way at all. Never have I questions will help you to get to know your friends. You may also discover things about yourself—especially the things you have yet to experience.

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