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10 Cute Short Love Poems For Her From The Heart

Your girl loves poetry. She may say otherwise, but if a women gets poetry from the man she cares about (that would, in this instance, be you) you can rest assured that she will love it with all her heart.


Poems about her eyes Love raises in the beautiful heart And your eyes showed me the path To the destination of infinite love -Amitav Radiance The eyes are the windows to the soul. Let your lady know just how much you love starting into her eyes with this poem from hellopoetry.com. If the stars were not so far, Then maybe they would with the brightness of your eyes spar, But even then I doubt that they The beauty of your eyes could mar.-unknown

Comparing your lovers eyes to celestial bodies is a common (and effective) poet’s tool. This unknown author has created a cute poem that gives it a fresh perspective.

Poems about her smile Every mile I walk, Every word I talk, Every breath I take, It is only to make you smile and laugh without a break. -unknown Show your true love that you would do anything to make her laugh with this short poem. You light up my world, And make me forget all my fears, Your laughter brightens up my days,And chases away all my tears. You are my every dream come true, No one else will ever do; Because only you can make me feel, The way I do. My heart beats at least a million times, Whenever you cross my mind. You’ve got a special way with me, You make me believe, In this love that we’ve found, And I promise I’ll never let you down. -unknown

This poem is a little bit longer, but well worth the read.  Send this poem to your girl to let her know how often you think about her and the love you feel for her.

Poems about her laugh When you laugh at my jokes I feel tall, When you look at me with those lovely eyes, I feel that I can break any wall -unknown Short poems like these, found at lovepoetry.com are on great handwritten love notes for your wife or girlfriend to let them know you are thinking about them. A fountain tinkles,A star twinkles, A bird chirps, But you my dear Beat them all when you laugh from their heart. -unknown

A sweet nothing in the form of a poem is scientifically proven to make your lady smile.

Poems about your love Warning: These love poems from poetrypad.com are only for the most dedicated of boyfriends. In three phases or less, they convey passion, desire, and commitment. The day you came into my life everything changed;  you brought happiness, you brought hope, you brought contentment.  And most of all, you brought love; a love so amazing, a love so powerful, a love too beautiful to ever be defined. The day you came into you life you gave me everything, and I’ll love you always -unknown This piece is a perfect statement for when you are ready to take your relationship to the next level. Sometimes, I ask myself “How on earth did I ever get so lucky?”  You are such a wonderful person,  And at times it’s almost unbelievable That you love me the way that you do. The way that you smile at me; The way that you speak my name With such love in your voice Touches my heart and my soul, And I wonder what did I ever do  To deserve someone like you? -unknown

Ever wondered how you could tell your girlfriend you are grateful she is in your life?  This poem can help.

I love you more than love I love you deeper than the sea  I love you bigger than the sun  I love you higher than the trees  I love you to the moon  Well, I just really love you! -unknown Short and extremely sweet,  this poem can show your girlfriend how much you love her. I’ve made many wishes,  I’ve dreamt many dreams,  I’ve prayed many prayers, I’ve talked to God, And I’ve seen, What I thought was love,  Come and go. My hearts been broken, More times than you know, But I’ve kept the faith, I’ve held on, I believed that one day, You would come along;  My most perfect love, The beginning of a fairytale,  That will live on and on. You my love, will always be,  A part of my heart; A part of me. -unknown

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