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20 Interesting Topics To Talk About With A Guy Or Girl

When you’re having a conversation with another person, especially of the opposite gender, it can be a little difficult to keep coming up with new topics.  You want to keep the other person engaged, but all you can think to ask is about politics or movies.  Here are 20 interesting topics to talk about with a guy or girl that will ensure no one is bored.

Favorite books from each period of your life. Find out what book was the other person’s favorite in grade school, middle school, high school, and college.  During these significant points in your life, books can help you through difficult changes and help you understand what you’re going through.

Time travel, could it be possible? We’ve all seen movies or read stories about time travel, but do you think it could actually happen?  Find out the other person’s thoughts and discuss the pros and cons of being able to travel through time.

The most interesting person you’ve ever met. You usually run across a few interesting people during your life.  It might be because they’re wild and crazy or they have accomplished great things in a short period of time.  Find out what characters they’ve met over the years and how those people have influenced them.

Relaxing vacation or exploring vacation? What kind of vacation appeals to you most?  Talk about the benefits of taking a relaxing vacation or a more adventurous one.  You could even talk about your ideal locations and lengths and perhaps plot out your next trip!

Major events and their effect. Discuss how major events have affected both of your lives.  If you want to keep it lighter stick to things like their first concert or going to college for the first time.  If you’re ready to go deeper, talk about events like 9/11 or Hurricane Katrina.  Make sure to see how those events made each of you feel and how they changed your life.

The best and worst meal ever eaten. Talk about the best meal that both of you have ever eaten.  Was it in a restaurant or was it a home cooked meal?  Then find out what was the worst meal.  Find out what made the meal good or bad and you can find out what some of their likes and dislikes are.

Mac or PC?  iPhone or Android? If both of you are into technology this can be a good conversation starter.  Find out if they are an Apple person or prefer a PC.  What kind of phone does each of you have?  Discuss the pros and cons to each of these options and see if you can find out if there is a winner in the tech game.

Five-year plans. Tell each other where you would ideally like to be in five years.  Ask how they plan to make those goals happen and why those dreams are so important to them.  You could even go back a little and see where they were five years ago and if they’ve met the goals they had back then.

What name would you pick for yourself? This isn’t a deep conversation necessarily, but you can find out if both of you like your names and if not what name you would rather have.  If they don’t want to change their name, ask why they like their name.

First memory. This might be a tough one, but it can be fun to go back and see if you can figure out what your first memory was.  You can ask how that memory affected them and find out if it was a happy or sad memory.

The most fun part of each of your jobs. Sometimes it can be really easy to find the negative parts of your job.  Many people are used to complaining about their job, so turn the tables and find out about the most fun part of each of your jobs.  And it can’t be when you get to go home for the day!

The best gift you’ve ever given. We can all remember the best gift that we ever got, but can you think of the best gift that you’ve ever given?  Ask why that was the best gift and what made it so memorable.  This conversation can also show you what kind of gift-giver the other person is.

Guilty pleasure movie. Some movies out there were never made to be Academy Award winners, but people still love them anyway.  See what the worst movie the other person loves.  Maybe you’ll be surprised and find out you both like the same awful movies.

What TV show would you want to be on? Now you know the other person’s favorite TV show.  Find out what role they would want and why.  Do they want to take someone’s place or would they want a whole new character made just for them?  Would they want a starring role or a supporting character?

Biggest fear. This might be a common conversation starter, but it can help lead to other meaningful conversations.  Go to the reason behind the fear and see if you both can figure out why you have that fear.

Rich or famous? If you could only be one, which would you choose?  Talk about all the reasons it would be better to be rich or famous and see if you can agree on one.  It can be fun to dream about something that may or may not happen in the future.

Talk about your childhood nicknames. It can be fun to remember the nicknames that you had as a child and maybe you still have them today.  See if you can remember who gave you the nickname and why.  Did you like the nickname or was it more of a nuisance?

Bravest thing you’ve ever done. Talk about any acts of bravery that you have done.  Maybe it was something small like sticking up for someone being picked on or big like saving someone from a burning building.  It might feel like tooting your own horn, but it’s nice to see the good in you and other people.

Deep dish or thin crust? This is an even better conversation starter if one of you is from Chicago or New York.  Each person is fiercely dedicated to their favorite kind of pizza and this can be a fun little rivalry.  It can also lead to talking about each city and the pros and cons of both.

Who would sing your theme song? You can talk about the style and genre of your theme song along with who will sing it.  You might even figure out all the different theme songs for the different parts of your day.  Music is a great conversation starter because it can reveal a lot about a person.

You don’t have to use just the typical conversation starters when you’re with a group of people or significant others.  There are so many more interesting things to talk about than the latest Hollywood gossip or the worst thing about your job.  Use these fun topics the next time you find yourself needing something to talk about!

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