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I Am Looking out for My Son

When I decided to visit Austin Texas, I never expected to fall in love with my friend’s cousin, who we were visiting. It was a whirlwind relationship, and we were married within three months of our first meeting. It was not until I became pregnant with our first child that I saw a different side to him. He had told me he wanted children, but I realized later that he said that only because he knew I wanted them. He was very cold toward our son when he was born, and I knew that I needed to leave him.

I believe in marriage with all my heart and working out problems as best as one can, but I was not going to put my son through a life of not feeling loved by his own father. My husband told me he was not going to give me an easy divorce, so I knew I was in for a fight. I looked at different law offices in my area, and I really liked what I saw with the one I went with. I liked that the firm is small because that meant that the lawyer would take my case seriously.

I did not want to be a number to an attorney. I wanted someone who would fight for what is best for my son, and that is exactly what I got. My husband tried to show interest in our son through the divorce proceedings, but my lawyer was able to prove that he barely tolerated him. He told me I could receive child support, but I just wanted a clean break, which meant that my husband had to forfeit his parental rights. He stopped fighting about halfway through the process, and my lawyer was able to wrap things up smoothly and quickly. I never planned for this kind of life, but I know that my son and I will be able to face anything together.

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