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20 Funny Questions To Ask A Guy And Girl

A great way to start a conversation is with a good question and a great way to get to break the ice with someone is to get them laughing.  A funny question can make a person laugh and feel more comfortable around you while also letting you both get to know each other.  Here are 20 funny questions that you can ask a guy and girl. 


Is it wrong for a vegetarian to eat an animal cracker? A great ice breaker because it is a silly question.  This is a good question to get the ball rolling on a conversation.  You can find out if they’re a vegetarian and you’re sure to get a laugh with this funny question.

If you could marry a fictional character, who would you choose? This is a great question to start learning more about the other person.  You might find out their favorite movie or TV show, which actors they like, and what they are looking for in a partner.  Plus it’s fun to think about marrying the perfect significant other.

What are you most superstitious about? We all have weird little quirks and while we might feel like we’re the only ones, chances are we’re not alone.  Find out odd or funny superstition the other person has and why.  It’s interesting to learn about the events that lead to a superstition.

Would you rather read the book before the movie? A lot of books get turned into movies and this is a telling question.  Is the other person more of a bookworm or a movie buff?  If they like to do both, find out if they usually like the book or the movie more.

If you were a mind reader, whose mind would you want to read? Ever wished that you could read another person’s mind?  Now is your chance to imagine what it would be like.  After you find out whose mind they would read, ask what you think they would find out.

Do you think Adam and Eve had belly buttons? The first humans technically weren’t born the way we are, so do you think they had belly buttons?  This can be a fun question and helps you learn what the other person believes in and their deep thoughts on navels.

What historical period do you wish you could have been a part of? Maybe they wish they could have been around during medieval times or maybe they would have loved to have been a part of the civil rights movement.  Find out why they chose the historical period they did and see if there is anything from this time they would miss.

What was your favorite thing you did today? This question is a good way to find out what they did with their day.  It can also show that you’re taking an active interest in what they do.  Once you find out what they did that they liked, you can try to recreate it at another time.

What is the most embarrassing thing that you spent money on? There have been times in all of our lives when we shell out cash for something totally embarrassing.  Whether it was the latest fashion fad or something from an infomercial, we all have something that makes us shake our heads.  See if you can top their embarrassing purchase!

When you have a problem, who is the one person you go to first? It’s nice to have someone who you can always rely on, so find out who that is for the other person.  If they live far away from friends or family, see if they call or use some other social media to get into contact with their support system.

What is the last picture you took on your phone? Find out if they are the queen of selfies or have hundreds of pictures of food in their phone.  Pictures can say 1000 words without even saying anything so see what their latest picture tells you.

What one event do you wish that you could have been at? Do they wish they could have been at Woodstock?  Would they have loved to hear a speech from Martin Luther King Jr.?  Maybe they would have wanted to be around when Statue of Liberty was built on Ellis Island.  This question can let you see where their true interests lie.

What is the one question you hate to answer? This question is kind of funny because once you find out the answer, you’re going to want to know what they would say to that question.  It also lets you see a little bit of what annoys them and can help you avoid that in the future.

What is the longest you’ve stayed awake? No matter what the answer is, there is going to be a story behind it.  Find out why they stayed up so long.  Maybe they just don’t like to sleep or they were cramming for an important test.  Or they just might be a party animal and like to stay out late.

If you had to be a Disney prince or princess, who would you choose? Whether it’s the classic Disney prince and princesses or the newer ones, it’s fun to see which one they would choose.  Is it someone from their favorite Disney movie or did they choose someone that seems to have a perfect life?  Maybe their choice is based on the animal sidekick that comes with the main character.

What was your favorite class in middle school? Ask if they liked math or English better.  Find out if it was a particular teacher that made that class fun or if they just liked the subject matter.  Do they still like those things now and did that love influence the educational choices that they made later on?

What is the most annoying commercial on right now? The Super Bowl brings some really great commercials, but there are always at least five bad ones to balance it out.  See which commercial the other person hates to see.  Is it because they don’t like the product or service that is being sold or are the actors in the commercial really annoying?

McDonald’s, Wendy’s, or Burger King? What is their favorite fast food joint?  If they don’t eat fast food, make them choose between the three.  What do they like most about their choice and who has the best fries?  This can also lead to other places that they like to eat and what their favorite food might be.

What’s your favorite landscape? Are they more a mountain type person or do they prefer the beach?  Forests or maybe the prairie?  Their answer can tell you about what kind of person they are, where they would like to live, and the activities they like to do.  Find out as much about the why behind their answer.

What famous person do you think you look like? Have they ever been told that they resemble a certain star or celebrity?  If not, find out who they think that they look like and why.  If they don’t think they look like any celebrity, see if there is someone that they wished they looked like.

By asking just a few unique questions, you can really start to learn about someone.  Their answers will often reveal more than just what’s on the surface and show you the kind of person they are.  Use these fun questions to get to know someone and break the ice.  You never know what you might find out!

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