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Top 10 Best One Direction Songs of All Time

One Direction first broke onto the scene of superstardom after winning the UK version of X Factor. With the release of several albums, that stardom has grown even more, catapulting them into one of the top pop bands in the world. Whether you’re a tween, teen, or an adult, here are the top 10 best One Direction songs of all time that you are sure to love.

1. What Makes You Beautiful

Adorable and catchy, “What Makes You Beautiful” is the song that ignited a few million crushes worldwide and helped throw One Direction into the limelight.

2. Clouds

Rollicking drum licks and heavy guitar riffs make “Clouds” stand out as One Direction’s most unique offering. Though not exactly punk, it is definitely a far cry from the usual pop rock of the band’s other hit songs.

3. One Thing

“One Thing” is one of those songs that is hard not to sing along with. And while the song itself is great, the cute and quirky music video makes it even better.

4. Happily

Full of energy and jangling guitars, “Happily” is an aptly named song. It’s the kind of song that immediately turns an average day into a great one. When you need a bit of a pick me up, try throwing this song on.

5. Better Than Words

“Better Than Words” is one of those songs that deserves a far larger audience than the one it has. It’s a One Direction song that didn’t exactly hit the top of the charts but is still an absolute favorite among diehard supporters of the band.

6. Stockholm Syndrome

One Direction managed to do the near impossible with this song. They created a completely new sound for their band while still utilizing every one of their voices. The result is a synth-heavy take on 80s rock and roll.

7. I Would

It doesn’t matter how old you are, you’ll be able to connect with “I Would” on some level. The song is about unrequited love with the guys singing about crushing on a girl with a boyfriend that’s obviously not right for her.

8. Change Your Ticket

“Change Your Ticket” is the song that helped One Direction grow up and gain a more mature image. Though the guitar riff is identical to one used by the 1975, their own personal unique lyrics really give it a whole new feel.

9. They Don’t Know About Us

“They Don’t Know About Us” is classic One Direction in every sense of the word. It’s a throwback to boy band anthems of the past. Except this time it comes complete with string instruments.

10. Heart Attack

One Direction takes that high-pitched rock-and-roll yelp “ow!” and rolls with it in “Heart Attack.” The up-tempo, high-energy song is one of the most fun that they’ve ever produced.

One Direction sure has a lot of great songs for such a short time playing together as a band. But when all is said and done, the ten above are the absolute best of the best.

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