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Top 10 Best Nicki Minaj Songs of All Time

Nicki Minaj has had 56 Billboard Hot 100 hits, the most of any female rapper. She’s released three albums so far – Pink Friday, Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded, and The Pinkprint. Between her top hits and fan favorites, there’s no shortage of opinions on best songs, whether solo are when collaborating. Here’s what we think represents Nicki’s best songs.

Super Bass (2010)

The song is Nicki Minaj’s top Billboard hit. It was #3 on the Hot 100, the highest for a solo female rapper. Penned my Minaj, Daniel Johnson, and Ester Dean, it’s about having a crush on a boy. The message is evident even through the playful “boom, boom badoom-booms” of the super bass.

Starships (2012)

The quotes from “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” add pizazz to this dance pop tune, which happens to be the lead single from Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded. “Starships are meant to fly” Nicki says. A song about reaching potential means much as she’s certainly aimed high in her career. For 21 consecutive weeks it was in the top 10 of the Hot 100.

Moment 4 Life (2010)

This collaboration with Drake is also one of Nicki’s top 10 Billboard hits. The lyrics include a desire to wed the female character in the song, giving it a timeless feel. Nicki admits the song is about two kids growing up and dreaming to be successful rappers, and realize their dream came true.

Pound the Alarm (2012)

A hard driving, catchy song, this song follows a woman who will say what she wants and is burning up the dance floor. It features carnival-themed music yet has some edgy, hard core elements along with an underground dance vibe.

Anaconda (2014)

In spite of the raunchy cover art of the single and lyrics, the song added the phrase “anaconda butt” to modern pop culture. Nicki re-recorded the song in 2014, two years after Missy Elliot chose not to release it

Roman’s Revenge (2010)

Eminem produced this song and is featured on it. Both play their alter egos, making the song fun and multidimensional.

Your Love (2010)

Leaked on the web rather than officially released, the song garnered radio play even though Nicki didn’t feel it was finished. References to Superman and Bruce Willis in his Die Hard movie make it even cooler.

Champion (2012)

The song tells the story from Minaj’s early days to being a successful pop artist. A reference to her cousin, killed in Brooklyn in 2011, adds to the autobiographical appeal

Bang Bang (2014)

Although a collaboration with Ariana Grande and Jessie J, this is Nicki’s third biggest Billboard success. The lyrics are fast paced and catchy.

Beez In The Trap (2012)

Featuring rapper 2 Chainz, the song and its impressive rhymes are anchored by an 80s inspired sound. Nicki takes a stance against other rappers, accenting her “say-anything” style.

These are some of Nicki Minaj’s best songs. You may feel other songs deserve the cut. One thing’s for sure, she’s got her own style and will say what she wants.

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