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Top 10 Best Luke Bryan Songs of All Time

Luke Bryan is one of the most popular country musicians of all time. Yet the singer’s music doesn’t follow the same old formula most of the genre does. Instead, it’s very diverse and features well-written lyrics. Below are the top 10 best Luke Bryan songs of all time.

1. Drunk on You

It doesn’t get much better than “Drunk on You” when it comes to Luke Bryan songs. The hit song with an amazingly strong vocal performance is the epitome of what the singer is all about.

2. I Don’t Want This Night to End

An up-tempo track about fleeting love, “I Don’t Want This Night to End” is a near ready-made hit. Soon after its release, it rose to the top of the country music charts and remains one of Bryan’s greatest hits.

3. Crash My Party

Luke Bryan is one of those singers that write the vast majority of their songs. However, “Crash My Party” is one song that he didn’t write. That doesn’t mean it isn’t great though. Bryan comes through with near perfect vocals that help drive the melody home.

4. Do I

A collaboration song with Lady Antebellum, “Do I” is quintessential Luke Bryan. It breaks down the story of a couple that are unsure if their relationship is as passionate and exciting as it once was.

5. All My Friends Say

The song that started off the singer’s career with a bang, “All My Friends Say” quickly reached the No. 5 Billboard’s country chart. It tells the tale of a man that wakes up from a devastating hangover unsure of what transpired the night before.

6. Country Girl (Shake it for Me)

One of his most diverse songs, “Country Girl (Shake it for Me)” is more up-tempo and fun than many of Luke Bryan’s other songs. The infectious little ditty reached No. 4 in Billboard.

7. Someone Else Calling You Baby

“Baby, is someone else calling you baby?” That’s the lead line in “Someone Else Calling You Baby.” As you can tell from the title and that single line alone, this song is a sad one.

8. Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye

Luke Bryan switches things up with “Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye.” Into a traditional country track, he adds electric guitar riffs and hard-hitting vocals.

9. Rain Is a Good Thing

It’s easy to complain about a rainy day. But “Rain Is a Good Thing” shows you why a rainy day can sometimes be a good thing. “Rain makes corn, corn makes whiskey / Whiskey makes my baby feel a little frisky.”

10. We Rode in Trucks

Growing up in rural America is a unique experience. And this nostalgic song delves right into Luke Bryan’s own experiences with rural living. It never reached the same level of commercial success as many of his other tracks but it does showcase the more evocative side of his songwriting.

Luke Bryan has created a lot of amazing songs over the years but the ten discussed above are his absolute best of all time.

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