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The 10 Best Jump Rope Workout Routines

These 10 jump rope workout routines will get you in shape by improving cardiovascular performance, burning calories, and strengthening muscles.


10-Minute Jump Rope Cardio Routine From Tony Horton Fitness

Tony Horton is an extremely successful trainer who uses interval workouts to burn calories and build muscle. In this video, Tony Horton gives you careful instruction during a 10-minute workout. All you need for this routine is a rope and the willingness to sweat hard. He offers some pretty challenging moves that will improve your performance quickly. Since some exercisers won’t be able to keep up with these challenging moves, Horton offers alternatives. This makes it possible for beginners to slowly improve their abilities until they have the strength and cardiovascular health to keep up with every exercise in the routine.

23 Skipping Rope Exercises for a Killer Body

This jump rope exercise video from Bloom to Fit teaches everything from basic to advanced moves. There aren’t any audio instructions, so it’s best to watch the video at least once before actually going through the routine. What makes this video one of the best is that it teaches you every jump rope exercise you need to know in less than six minutes. Even if you don’t decide to keep using this routine, the exercises you learn from this video will help you succeed in the other jump rope routines on this list.

Jump Rope Routine Workout Series 1 Beginner Level

This is a great video for absolute beginners. Trainer Ryker Dane discusses and performs each exercise, making it very easy for you to pick up routines easily. After performing all of these jump rope exercises, Ryker shows you how to increase intensity for quicker results. He also explains how you can use these jump rope exercises to build your own routines. Knowing how to build your own routine is an important part of increasing difficulty as you become more experienced. Eventually, you won’t need the video anymore. That’s just another reason that it makes the top ten list.

10-Minute Jump Rope Cardio Workout From Class FitSugar

A lot of people complain that they don’t have enough time to exercise. FitSugar shows you how to fit a challenging jump rope routine into ten minutes. Now you don’t have any excuses left. Unlike many exercise routines, this 10-minute video even includes a warm up and cool down. It’s a complete exercise routing that you will finish in ten minutes. If you still have energy left at the end of the workout, you can do it again for a bigger challenge or switch to another FitSugar routine that will challenge your body in different ways.

Jump Rope HIIT Fat Burning Workout

HIIT stands for high intensity interval training. This jump rope routine from Insane Home Fat Loss is designed to burn as many calories as possible in about six minutes. Interval training works well because it encourages you to work as hard as possible for a short amount of time and then taking a short break to recover before moving to the next phase of intensity. The short breaks used in the video are actually active breaks that stretch your muscles to prevent injury. No matter what level of fitness you have now, you can benefit from this video.

Jump Rope Workout Routines From Intense Home Cardio & Toning Exercises

This jump rope workout routine from Intense Home Cardio & Toning Exercises takes about 20 minutes to finish. It includes one minute jumping rope intervals that get your heart rate and breathing up so you can burn calories fast. It also includes 14 toning exercises to improve muscle strength. The complete routine asks you to do three rounds of the exercises. If you aren’t fit enough to finish all three rounds, just do what you can do. The more times you finish the routine, the better you will get.

Quick Sweat Cardio Fat Burn Fun Jump Rope Routine

This is an extremely simple routine that you can finish in about six minutes. The exercises involve ten seconds of intense exercise followed by ten seconds of active rest. These short periods of rest make it easier to finish the complete routine. This video doesn’t include a warm up or cool down, so you should spend a few minutes warming up before the routine and cooling down after the routine.

18-Minute Cardio Interval Jumping Rope Workout

This 18-minute routine from FitnessBlender uses a jump rope and your own body weight to burn calories while building muscles. As an interval workout, it consists of several exercise groups. Each group is followed by a brief cool down that keeps you active while letting your heart rate return to normal. You get plenty of tips during the routine to help you keep up with your instructor. A time bar on the video’s side also encourages you to push yourself a little farther as you come closer to the resting period. You’ll get plenty of upper body exercise as well as cardio.

Home Workout #43 Jump Rope and CORE HiiT

Sara Solomon offers a ten-minute jump rope routine designed to target your abdominal muscles. The workout is intense, but Solomon keeps it entertaining by crank calling fans and cracking jokes. Solomon gives detailed instructions to make sure you perform exercises perfectly. It’s almost like having her as a personal trainer without having to spend hundreds of dollars on her expertise. This routine includes jump rope and floor exercises that target core muscles. The workout requires a jump rope, exercise ball, and workout bench. By the end, you burn a lot of calories and strengthen muscles in just ten minutes.

Fat Burning Jump Rope Workout

XHIT Daily’s Fat Burning Jump Rope Workout keeps your body in constant motion so you can burn as many calories as possible. Even when resting, the video instructs you to step from side to side. This effectively acts like interval training that alternatives between bursts of activity and short breaks of moderate activity. The workout routing becomes increasingly more difficult, but the instructor encourages you to do your best and offers a few alternative moves that will help beginners build more strength and endurance for later routines.

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