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Top 10 Best Elvis Presley Songs of All Time

Elvis Presley is a pop music revolutionary and cultural icon. The King of Rock and Roll, Elvis built a large catalog of song recordings and choosing just 10 is difficult. Here is a list of some of Elvis’s standout songs that represent his unmistakable vocal presence and charisma. Let us know what you think of this song list in the comments.

Don’t Be Cruel (1956)

Released in conjunction with “Hound Dog”, it is still the only single in the U.S. to ever have both sides top the charts. It has a great swing, backing vocals and, of course, Elvis himself. The song was written by famed songwriter Otis Blackwell.

Jailhouse Rock (1957)

Written by Jerry Leiber and Mike Stroller, this is the title track to the movie of the same title. The intro is short and simple, but among the most memorable, while Elvis’ persona shines on even to this day.

Burning Love (1972)

This is among Elvis’ best rock-‘n-roll songs. Its piano, horns, drums, guitar work, and choir-like vocals make for a blazing hit. He initially had to be persuaded to record the song, written by Dennis Linde.

Viva Las Vegas (1964)

The title track to Elvis’ most successful film, the song has been used in many commercials, television shows, and continues its connection with the gambling town. A strong vocal delivery makes this song stand out among many great hits from the King of Rock and Roll.

In the Ghetto (1969)

The song’s compassionate vocal tells the story of a child living a life of poverty. Elvis didn’t often sing about social issues, but this turned into a Top 10 hit and was re-released as a duet with his daughter Lisa Marie in 2007.

All Shook Up (1957)

Topping Billboard’s charts for two consecutive years, the song was also Elvis’ second-biggest U.S. hit. It was inspired by a bottle of Pepsi, but took on a life of its own as soon as Presley recorded it. The song was also written by Otis Blackwell.

Heartbreak Hotel (1956)

This was Elvis’ first song to top Billboard’s pop charts in the U.S. For a song about loneliness and despair, it has done quite well and is one of his most notable songs.

Hound Dog (1956)

Also written by Leiber and Stoller, the song was released with “Don’t Be Cruel” and was a #1 hit in the U.S. for 11 weeks. In 1958, it sold over three million copies and was only the third to do so at the time. The song was recorded in New York at the famed RCA studios.

(I Can’t Help) Falling In Love with You (1961)

This love song was written by George Weiss and sung in the movie Blue Hawaii. The movie’s soundtrack was #1 in the U.S. for 20 weeks straight. Elvis used it as his ending to most live shows.

Suspicious Minds (1969)

Elvis’ last #1 hit while alive, this song was a comeback and has been covered by many other artists. The song was written by Mark James and introduced to Elvis by Memphis soul producer Chips Moman. Legend has it Elvis was determined to make it a hit.

These are our top 10 Elvis songs of all time. There are many more. All together, they make up one of the most impressive song catalogs ever.

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