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The 10 Best Jump Rope Workout Routines

These 10 jump rope workout routines will get you in shape by improving cardiovascular performance, burning calories, and strengthening muscles.


10-Minute Jump Rope Cardio Routine From Tony Horton Fitness 

Tony Horton is an extremely successful trainer who uses interval workouts to burn calories and build muscle. In this video, Tony Horton gives you careful instruction during a 10-minute workout. All you need for this routine is a rope and the willingness to sweat hard. He offers some pretty challenging moves that will improve your performance quickly. Since some exercisers won’t be able to keep up with these challenging moves, Horton offers alternatives. This makes it possible for beginners to slowly improve their abilities until they have the strength and cardiovascular health to keep up with every exercise in the routine.

23 Skipping Rope Exercises for a Killer Body 

This jump rope exercise video from Bloom to Fit teaches everything from basic to advanced moves. There aren’t any audio instructions, so it’s best to watch the video at least once before actually going through the routine. What makes this video one of the best is that it teaches you every jump rope exercise you need to know in less than six minutes. Even if you don’t decide to keep using this routine, the exercises you learn from this video will help you succeed in the other jump rope routines on this list.

Jump Rope Routine Workout Series 1 Beginner Level 

This is a great video for absolute beginners. Trainer Ryker Dane discusses and performs each exercise, making it very easy for you to pick up routines easily. After performing all of these jump rope exercises, Ryker shows you how to increase intensity for quicker results. He also explains how you can use these jump rope exercises to build your own routines. Knowing how to build your own routine is an important part of increasing difficulty as you become more experienced. Eventually, you won’t need the video anymore. That’s just another reason that it makes the top ten list.

10-Minute Jump Rope Cardio Workout From Class FitSugar 

A lot of people complain that they don’t have enough time to exercise. FitSugar shows you how to fit a challenging jump rope routine into ten minutes. Now you don’t have any excuses left. Unlike many exercise routines, this 10-minute video even includes a warm up and cool down. It’s a complete exercise routing that you will finish in ten minutes. If you still have energy left at the end of the workout, you can do it again for a bigger challenge or switch to another FitSugar routine that will challenge your body in different ways.

Jump Rope HIIT Fat Burning Workout 

HIIT stands for high intensity interval training. This jump rope routine from Insane Home Fat Loss is designed to burn as many calories as possible in about six minutes. Interval training works well because it encourages you to work as hard as possible for a short amount of time and then taking a short break to recover before moving to the next phase of intensity. The short breaks used in the video are actually active breaks that stretch your muscles to prevent injury. No matter what level of fitness you have now, you can benefit from this video.

Jump Rope Workout Routines From Intense Home Cardio & Toning Exercises 

This jump rope workout routine from Intense Home Cardio & Toning Exercises takes about 20 minutes to finish. It includes one minute jumping rope intervals that get your heart rate and breathing up so you can burn calories fast. It also includes 14 toning exercises to improve muscle strength. The complete routine asks you to do three rounds of the exercises. If you aren’t fit enough to finish all three rounds, just do what you can do. The more times you finish the routine, the better you will get.

Quick Sweat Cardio Fat Burn Fun Jump Rope Routine 

This is an extremely simple routine that you can finish in about six minutes. The exercises involve ten seconds of intense exercise followed by ten seconds of active rest. These short periods of rest make it easier to finish the complete routine. This video doesn’t include a warm up or cool down, so you should spend a few minutes warming up before the routine and cooling down after the routine.

18-Minute Cardio Interval Jumping Rope Workout 

This 18-minute routine from FitnessBlender uses a jump rope and your own body weight to burn calories while building muscles. As an interval workout, it consists of several exercise groups. Each group is followed by a brief cool down that keeps you active while letting your heart rate return to normal. You get plenty of tips during the routine to help you keep up with your instructor. A time bar on the video’s side also encourages you to push yourself a little farther as you come closer to the resting period. You’ll get plenty of upper body exercise as well as cardio.

Home Workout #43 Jump Rope and CORE HiiT 


Sara Solomon offers a ten-minute jump rope routine designed to target your abdominal muscles. The workout is intense, but Solomon keeps it entertaining by crank calling fans and cracking jokes. Solomon gives detailed instructions to make sure you perform exercises perfectly. It’s almost like having her as a personal trainer without having to spend hundreds of dollars on her expertise. This routine includes jump rope and floor exercises that target core muscles. The workout requires a jump rope, exercise ball, and workout bench. By the end, you burn a lot of calories and strengthen muscles in just ten minutes.

Fat Burning Jump Rope Workout 

XHIT Daily’s Fat Burning Jump Rope Workout keeps your body in constant motion so you can burn as many calories as possible. Even when resting, the video instructs you to step from side to side. This effectively acts like interval training that alternatives between bursts of activity and short breaks of moderate activity. The workout routing becomes increasingly more difficult, but the instructor encourages you to do your best and offers a few alternative moves that will help beginners build more strength and endurance for later routines.

The 10 Best Chest Workouts For Mass Building

A great physique is nothing without a balanced chest. You must increase the size and strength of your chest muscles to match the development of your legs, arms, and torso. The top 10 best chest workouts for mass building discussed below show you exactly how to do this. 
1. Muscle Building Chest Video

Despite the somewhat corny name, Six Pack Factory knows what they’re talking about. And their video Muscle Building Chest Video is great for those that want to learn a handful of the best chest exercises for mass building. Fitness model and muscle expert Justin Woltering breaks down two of his favorite chest exercises. These are both geared to helping you get the big chest that you desire as fast as possible at the gym.

2. Chest Workouts for Mass: Incredible Chest Workout Routine for Strong, Muscular Pecs

Presented by Weight Gain Network, this excellent YouTube video shows you one of the best workout routines for increasing the mass of your chest. The video follows fitness model Troy Adashun as he demonstrates a number of the best ways to build the size and strength of your chest. An array of exercises and supersets are taught to give you the tools you need to achieve the results that you want. One of the most important lessons that Troy will teach you is that you must hit your chest hard from multiple angles if you want great looking pectoral muscles. A few sets of bench press just won’t cut it.

3. Chest Workout Routine for Mass – Best Chest Exercises

There is no denying that personal trainer Rick Porter knows what he is talking about. That much is entirely evident after you’re feeling the burn after one of his workouts. Chest Workout Routine for Mass, as its title implies, is Porter’s take on the best chest exercises. In addition to outlining each individual exercise, he also provides ample education on why each exercise is important. It is this overall process of learning about each exercise that will truly help you gain the strength and mass that you want.

4. 3 Keys to Building Chest Muscle – Bench Press

It’s no secret that one of the single best exercises for your chest muscles is the bench press. In this video, Mike Chang of Six Pack Shortcuts discusses three top tips that you can use to make the bench press even more effective. These tips make each rep you do more effective at building a larger chest. Mike finishes the video with a brief discussion of what not to do while performing bench presses.

5. The Best Chest Exercise for Women

Do you want to know the absolute best chest exercise for women? Then you came to the right place. In her YouTube video The Best Chest Exercise for Women, Flavia Del Monte shows you the single best exercise that women can do to build a stronger, sexier chest. She also provides numerous tips on how to perform the exercise for maximum safety and effectiveness. Click play to see for yourself what this amazing exercise is!

6. Toughest Home Chest Workout Ever! Bodyweight Only

Not everyone has access to a gym or exercise equipment. And that’s exactly where bodyweight exercises come into the picture. This great YouTube video from Six Pack Shortcuts shows you exactly how you can use the weight of your whole body to target your chest muscles. The incredibly grueling workout is one of those that will keep you occupied for some time to come. It is so intense that few people are able to complete it the first couple of times they try it. Simply put, perform this routine a few times a week and you’ll have bigger pecs before you know it.

7. Top 3 Bodyweight Exercises for Chest

This video by the YouTube channel Fortress shows you three of the best bodyweight exercises to build up your chest. The five minute long video breaks down each exercise in detail. The narrator also fills you in on exactly why each exercise is so important and effective. The best thing about the exercises in Top 3 Bodyweight Exercises for Chest is that you can do them anywhere at all. You don’t need any equipment.

8. What Kettlebell Exercises Strengthen Your Chest

The kettlebell has experienced an explosion in popularity as of late. They have quickly gained recognition as one of the top individual pieces of workout equipment in the fitness industry. This video by eHow Fitness breaks down the top kettlebell exercises to strengthen your chest. Work these exercises into your overall kettlebell routine and you’ll notice a sizeable difference in your chest muscles in little time at all.

9. Upper Chest Development and Kettlebells

Pearman Fitness shows you how to use a kettlebell to effectively develop your upper chest muscles and shoulders. The video covers a number of popular kettlebell exercises in detail. Many people use this exercise tool incorrectly. This video is here to set you straight. If places emphasis on the correct technique so you can gain the maximum amount of benefits for mass building of your chest.

10. How to Isolate Your Chest With Pushups

It’s hard to deny that pushups are one of the best and most versatile bodyweight exercises on the planet. And when done correctly, they can help you seriously improve the size and strength of your chest. This YouTube workout video from GDM Fitness shows you exactly how to isolate your pectoral muscles with pushups. Build a big chest with pushups only. It’s the simple, easy way to get the physique you want. These top 10 best exercises for your chest will help you build the mass that you desire. Work them into your regular workouts for the best results possible.

Best Shaving Cream for Men & Women with Sensitive Skin

Men and women with sensitive skin may find that many shaving creams have an abundance of ingredients that irritate their skin. While many shaving creams are not necessary formulated and marketed by skin types, there are products with a minimum level of irritation causing formulas.

For those with sensitive skin, your best bet is to locate formulas with a minimal ingredient list featuring products are natural. While this may be tedious and time consuming, we’ve done the heavy lifting to come up with a great list of products on the market today, plus a bit of added information for you to make informed choices.

The Difference in a Product for Sensitive Skin

What causes a skin irritation or flair up in one person may not in another. What matters is finding the formula that works for your sensitive skin. Generally, eliminating some common ingredients known to cause skin flare-ups is good starting point. Certain chemicals are highly irritating to sensitive skin. This includes ingredients such as surfactants – which are common in aerosol-based shaving creams, alkaline substances, fragrances and alcohols. Then there are ingredients that don’t contribute to at all to skin flair ups. These are normally natural ingredients such as soothing olive oils that calm the skin.

Click Here To View The Best Shaving Cream Reviews On Amazon

The Benefits Provided by Shaving Cream for Sensitive Skin

If you want to avoid bumps, rashes and other skin flair-ups, it’s a good idea to identify shaving cream formulas with harmful ingredients that cause skin irritations and avoid them altogether. Men and women with sensitive skin can benefit from less irritating ingredients, whether shaving face, legs or underarms. Unsightly skin irritations are not attractive, no matter the locations.

Characteristics of Quality Shaving Cream for Sensitive Skin

When looking for a quality shaving cream for your sensitive skin, look for ingredients that are mostly natural and compatible with your skin type. In general, it is a good idea to avoid shaving creams with harsh chemicals, fragrances and dyes. Do look for shaving creams that have moisturizers and natural oils, especially if you have dry, flaky skin.  Also, if you are very susceptible to having razor bumps, look for shaving cream products with ingredients like Shea butter, natural oils and glycerin. These ingredients act as lubricants and help to protect the skin during the shave.


Aveeno Therapeutic Shave Gel with Natural Colloidal Oatmeal – Read Product Reviews

Amazon.com Price: $3.76

This is a great product for sensitive skin because it is formulated without added fragrances that contribute to skin irritations. The ingredient list includes a lubricating gel that is designed specifically for sensitive skin. The formula even helps to prevent razor bumps.

Gentleman’s Hangar Genuine Old School Natural Shaving Cream – Read Product Reviews

Amazon.com Price: $13.95

We like this cream formula because of the natural ingredients like aloe, green tea extracts and Vitamin D.  While high on natural ingredients, you will also find that this product does not contain ingredients common to other shaving creams that are known for irritating sensitive skin.

Skintimate Skin Therapy Moisturizing Shave Cream for Sensitive Skin – Read Product Reviews

Amazon.com Price: $7.93

Touted as skin therapy, we are inclined to agree as the formula includes a blend of eight skin conditioners especially for women’s skin. While specifically geared towards women, we are sure guys with sensitive skin may find this formula beneficial as well.

Nivea Men Sensitive Shaving Cream – Read Product Reviews

Amazon.com Price: $3.79

This product is not only very budget friendly, but is made specifically for guys with sensitive skin. This product does not contain alcohols that dry out skin, but does contain soothing ingredients like moisturizes that make for a smooth, less irritating shave.

Avon SSS Fresh & Smooth Sensitive Skin Shave Gel – Read Product Reviews

Amazon.com Price: $6.00

This product has the power to smooth and soothe sensitive skin with the inclusion of Aloe as a key natural ingredient. As a bonus, there are no added fragrances that can be very irritating to sensitive skin.

Zirh Sensitive Skin Shave Cream – Read Product Reviews

Amazon.com Price: $24.00

We like this product because it protects your sensitive skin from irritations that are common to shaving. It does this by softening facial hair, making the way for a smooth, non-irritating shave. The formula includes Aloe Vera as a key ingredient for calming irritations and moisturizing skin. Another ingredient is an oat extract that serves as anti-irritant. Your sensitive skin will be well cared for with these key ingredients. Made for guys, but gals make love it also.

Satin Care Ultra Sensitive Women’s Shave Gel – Read Product Reviews

Amazon.com Price: $3.95

Forget about irritating dyes and fragrances in this formula. You won’t find these ingredients as this product is made for sensitive skin. It also has the scientific backing for the formula as it is a dermatology tested product for sensitive skin.

Neutrogena Men Sensitive Skin Shave Cream – Read Product Reviews

Amazon.com Price: $7.85

This is a product with a many beneficial ingredients when it comes to protecting your sensitive skin. Many users have reported a reduction in the occurrence of razor bumps, which we love. This particular brand contains many quality moisturizing ingredients that won’t clog your pores. Plus, the formula is design to rinse clean, making for less chances to irritate your skin.

Shaving Soap with Shea Butter & Coconut Oil – Read Product Reviews

Amazon Price: $13.47

This product is not your average shaving cream, which is why it made the list. We love it because it is a soap that lathers well with moisturizing ingredients that won’t dry out and irritate your skin.  This product contains all natural ingredients and leaves out the artificial dyes and fragrances that irritate sensitive skin. Sensitive skin is no laughing matter when it comes to hair removal.  The key is to use products with natural ingredients versus harsh chemicals known to irritate skin.  Formulas free of fragrances and dyes work best for sensitive skin.

Best Memory Foam Pillow for Side Sleeper Reviews (in 2016)

Having a quality memory foam pillow on which to rest and support your head can mean the difference between a night of deep, restful sleep and a morning of body stiffness, aches, and pains. There are many types of memory foam pillows on the market today for side sleepers and choosing the right one can be a difficult task. We’ve done the work and research for you to come up with this list of the top 10 memory foam pillows for side sleepers for 2016.

Search Amazon For The Best Memory Foam Pillows


Coop Home Goods Memory Foam Pillow with Bamboo Cover – Read Product Reviews

Price: $49.99 at Amazon.com

This hypoallergenic pillow by Coop Home Goods promotes plush, supportive comfort for side sleepers with eco-friendly shredded memory foam. The visco elastic foam pillow cradles you while you sleep, which helps to provide correct alignment for a more restful night. The machine washable pillow is care-free and comes with a 5-year product warranty.

Snuggle-Pedic Ultra-Luxury Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow – Read Product Reviews

Price: $49.99 at Amazon.com

This highly-rated memory foam pillow comes with a 20-year warranty and is manufactured in the USA with eco-friendly materials. The pillow includes a soft breathable cover made from a combination of bamboo, polyester, and Lycra that provides a restful night of cool comfort. Full supportive memory foam provides side sleepers with a pillow that cradles the body to help enhance alignment and comfort for a restful night of sleep.

Xtreme Comforts Memory Foam Pillow with Kool-Flow Bamboo Cover – Read Product Reviews

Price: $29.97 at Amazon.com

The memory foam pillow by Xtreme Comforts provides a deep night’s rest for all sleep positions. The pillow is filled with shredded CertiPUR-US Certified Foam, which maintains the lofty plushness for continued support and comfort. The Kool-Flow provides the pillow with proper ventilation to keep it cool and comfortable for a restful sleep during the night.

CozyCloud Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow with Air-Vent Cover – Read Product Reviews

Price: $49.99 at Amazon.com

A 10-year warranty backs the CozyCloud memory foam pillow, which was designed by a chiropractor and is manufactured in the USA. This pillow is hypoallergenic, machine washable, and comes with a soft, Air-Vent cover made with bamboo and polyester for enhanced airflow and ventilation. The memory foam helps the pillow maintain its plushness and shape, providing comfort for a full night of restful sleep.

PharMeDoc Contour Memory Foam Pillow with Cooling Gel – Read Product Reviews

Price: $31.91 at Amazon.com

Total body support, comfort, and alignment are key features of this memory foam pillow. The pillow conforms to the body and cradles it regardless of the position, providing a full night of restful sleep. The soft pillow cover is made of a combination of cotton and polyester and is infused with soothing Aloe Vera. The pillow is hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites plus PharMeDoc provides consumers with a 7-year product warranty.

Sleep Better Iso-Cool Memory Foam Gusseted Pillow with Cotton Cover – Read Product Reviews

Price: $69.94 at Amazon.com

The gusseted pillow by Sleep Better uses Iso-Cool technology and visco-elastic memory foam to provide side sleepers with luxurious support and comfort. Outlast Adaptive Comfort material is built into the pillow within microscopic beads that maintain comfortable temperature levels. The microscopic beads help to prevent the pillow from becoming too warm or too cool based on your body’s unique temperature levels. The pillow includes a soft cotton cover that is machine washable.

Good Life Essentials Memory Foam Pillow with Stay Cool Bamboo Cover – Read Product Reviews

Price: $35.00 at Amazon.com

Ultimate comfort and a night of restful sleep is provided by the Good Life Essentials memory foam pillow. The shredded memory foam molds to your body’s position during sleep, pampering you with deep comfort and support. The bamboo cover enhances air flow and helps to keep the pillow cool. The Good Life Essentials pillow is hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites, machine washable, and comes with a full, 5-year product warranty.

Beyond Down Gel Fiber Side Sleeper Pillow with Cotton Cover – Read Product Reviews

Price: $29.88 at Amazon.com

This gel fiber pillow provides soft comfort and support to mimic the 600-fill power of traditional down pillows. The Beyond Down pillow uses synthetic micro-denier gel fiber to produce a lofty and plush pillow to give side sleepers the necessary support for proper alignment. The gel fiber pillow includes a 300-thread count cotton cover, is hypoallergenic, and machine washable.

Serta Gel Memory Foam Side Sleeper Pillow with Cool Vent Design – Read Product Reviews

Price: $31.59 at Amazon.com

Cool comfort, proper body alignment, and deep restful sleep are highly rated features of this memory foam side sleeper pillow by Serta. CoolVent technology helps to provide the pillow with increased ventilation and airflow for a cool and restful night of sleep. The gel memory foam helps the pillow to maintain its shape without needing to fluff it up so there is no need to worry about the pillow flattening out and becoming uncomfortable with continued use.

Carpenter Sleep Better Isotonic IsoLoft Memory Fiber Pillow – Read Product Reviews

Price: $33.60 at Amazon.com

Memory fiber made of fine denier polyester material plumps and fills out this pillow to provide side sleepers with deep comfort and support. This plush pillow holds its shape and cradles the body to enhance proper body alignment while providing a restful night of sleep. The Carpenter Sleep Better Isotonic IsoLoft Memory Fiber Pillow includes a 300-thread count cotton cover and is hypoallergenic.

This list of memory foam pillows includes products that use a variety of materials to produce a supportive and comfortable pillow that can benefit the needs of side sleepers. A range of prices have been included to meet the different budgets and preferences of consumers that are seeking a quality product that is also affordable. We hope that this list helps you find the perfect pillow for a deep and restful night of sleep.

Best Natural Sunscreen For Faces with Sensitive Skin

We all know how important it is to protect ourselves from the sun.  Things like harmful UVA and UVB rays can cause sunburns, sun spots, and even lead to more serious issues like skin cancer.  Sunscreen is a must when it comes to spending time outside in the sun, but unfortunately, for those of us with sensitive skin, this is an issue.

Many sunscreen formulas can be harsh or irritating to people who have extremely sensitive skin, especially on their face.  Unnatural ingredients, toxins, and other things can be in the formula of sunscreen and these can cause rashes, dry skin, and clogged pores.  You can break out or even have an allergic reaction if you don’t choose your sunscreen carefully.

Search Amazon For The Best Natural Sunscreen

Rather than go outside unprotected or stay inside and avoid the sun altogether, you need to find a sunscreen that can protect your skin without causing any extra damage.  Here we have compiled a list of the top ten best natural sunscreens for faces with sensitive skin.  These sunscreens take into account your delicate skin and give you full protection and no irritating side effects.

Benefits of using sunscreen

Before we get to the list, we should mention a few of the benefits to using sunscreen every time you go outside. Skin cancer rates are on the rise and more people today are developing dangerous moles and growths due to the sun.  Sunscreen can provide a layer of protection to your skin, especially the delicate skin on your face. The sun can be damaging in more ways than just skin cancer.  It can cause brown spots and wrinkles which can age even the youngest skin.  Sunscreen prevents these effects of the sun.

If you choose the right sunscreen, like the ones on this list, you can enhance the health of your skin.  Many sunscreens include things like collagen and keratin to keep your skin soft and smooth.


3rd Rock Sunblock – Read Product Reviews

Price: $24.95 at Amazon.com

3rd Rock sunblock is one of the only alkaline sunblock available on the market.  It is made with all natural food-grade materials that won’t harm your skin or immune system.  There are no toxins and no endocrine disruptors.The ingredients also won’t break down over time like other sunscreens which means this lasts a long time.  It’s SPF 35+, water resistant, and fragrance-free.

Mineral Sunscreen – Read Product Reviews

Price: $13.99 at Amazon.com

This sunscreen is made with all natural and organic ingredients and contains absolutely no toxins.  It’s also environmentally friendly and is safe for not only humans but the ecosystem as well.  This formula doesn’t require any time to soak in and you can be out in the sun as soon as you put it on.  It’s SPF 25 and made right in the USA.  It has a mild natural scent but contains no chemical fragrance.

Alba Botanica Hawaiian Aloe Vera Sunscreen – Read Product Reviews

Price: $7.55 at Amazon.com

Alba Botanica is recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation as one of the top sunscreens.  They have been around since 1979 and have always been a 100% vegetarian based company.  All the ingredients in this sunscreen are biodegradable and gluten free as well as paraben and phthalate free. This is also a great sunscreen for sensitive skin because it contains soothing aloe vera and tropical fruit extracts.  Alba Botanica is water resistant for up to 80 minutes and SPF 30 and they do not test on animals.

The Naked Bee Vitamin C Moisturizing Sunscreen – Read Product Reviews

Price: $12.24 at Amazon.com

The Naked Bee sunscreen is 70% certified organic and made with non-toxic ingredients.  It also contains a dose of vitamin C as well as moisturizing ingredients to protect and soothe sensitive skin.  It is made in the USA and uses a vegetable glycerin as it’s base instead of an animal derived base.  It also contains sunflower seed oil and organic aloe vera.  The Naked Bee Sunscreen is SPF 30 and protects against UVA and UVB rays.

Kiss My Face Face: Factor Natural Sunscreen – Read Product Reviews

Price: $8.05 at Amazon.com

This natural sunscreen is specifically formulated for your face and neck.  It’s key ingredients are green tea extracts, aloe, cucumber extracts, and hydresia.  It is fragrance-free, contains no gluten, has no parabens, artificial colors, or phthalates.  Its light enough that you can wear it every day, even under makeup, and it won’t clog your pores.  The ingredients are biodegradable, and the packaging is recyclable.  This sunscreen is SPF 50 and will soothe and protect your sensitive skin.

Jason Family Pure Natural Sunscreen – Read Product Reviews

Price: $8.99 at Amazon.com

Jason Family Pure Natural Sunscreen is a fast absorbing and fast acting sunscreen that will protect you from the sun’s rays and any harmful ingredients usually found in sunscreen.  It’s water resistant and offers broad spectrum protection. It’s also enriched with green tea extract, shea butter, and vitamin E to nourish and moisturize your skin.  This sunscreen is SPF 50 and helps fight free-radicals that can age your skin.

Beauty By Earth Facial Sunscreen – Read Product Reviews

Price: $19.99 at Amazon.com

This is another sunscreen that is made especially for your face and is meant to be used every day as part of your beauty routine.  It is made with all-natural ingredients that will not only protect your face from the sun but moisturize and rejuvenate your skin.  It has organic ingredients like coconut oil, aloe vera, jojoba oil, and cucumber extract to help you fight all signs of aging. Beauty By Earth Facial Sunscreen is SPF 20 and is safe for you as well as the environment.

OZ Naturals BEST Sunscreen – Read Product Reviews

Price: $21.49 at Amazon.com

This is a non-comedogenic and non-irritating sunscreen that is safe and effective for all different skin types.  It uses Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide for powerful broad spectrum protection.  It also has anti-aging ingredients like sweet almond oil and aloe vera.  It is made in the USA, is SPF 30, and can be worn daily even under makeup.

LureLux Organic Sunscreen Natural Minerals – Read Product Reviews

Price: $14.95 at Amazon.com

LureLux sunscreen is one of the only sunscreens on the market that provides essential vitamin D in their formula.  It is also made with all organic ingredients and no toxins that can harm your skin or the environment.  It is fast absorbing, non-greasy, and water resistant.  This sunscreen is SPF 25 and has a short all-natural ingredient list.

Andre Lorent Daily Rehydrating Sunscreen – Read Product Reviews

Price: $24.95 at Amazon.com

This sunscreen has been formulated by dermatologists to help protect your skin from the sun while providing necessary nutrients and vitamins to help fight the signs of aging.  It is made for all skin types, especially sensitive skin, and can be used on the face as well as the whole body. It uses all natural ingredients like seaweed and orchid extracts and is fragrance-free and non-greasy.  This sunscreen is SPF 30 and provides broad spectrum protection.

If you have been avoiding the sun because of harsh sunscreens and sensitive skin, now you can venture outdoors with one of these top ten natural sunscreens for sensitive skin.

10 Cute Short Love Poems For Her From The Heart

Your girl loves poetry. She may say otherwise, but if a women gets poetry from the man she cares about (that would, in this instance, be you) you can rest assured that she will love it with all her heart.


Poems about her eyes Love raises in the beautiful heart And your eyes showed me the path To the destination of infinite love -Amitav Radiance The eyes are the windows to the soul. Let your lady know just how much you love starting into her eyes with this poem from hellopoetry.com. If the stars were not so far, Then maybe they would with the brightness of your eyes spar, But even then I doubt that they The beauty of your eyes could mar.-unknown

Comparing your lovers eyes to celestial bodies is a common (and effective) poet’s tool. This unknown author has created a cute poem that gives it a fresh perspective.

Poems about her smile Every mile I walk, Every word I talk, Every breath I take, It is only to make you smile and laugh without a break. -unknown Show your true love that you would do anything to make her laugh with this short poem. You light up my world, And make me forget all my fears, Your laughter brightens up my days,And chases away all my tears. You are my every dream come true, No one else will ever do; Because only you can make me feel, The way I do. My heart beats at least a million times, Whenever you cross my mind. You’ve got a special way with me, You make me believe, In this love that we’ve found, And I promise I’ll never let you down. -unknown

This poem is a little bit longer, but well worth the read.  Send this poem to your girl to let her know how often you think about her and the love you feel for her.

Poems about her laugh When you laugh at my jokes I feel tall, When you look at me with those lovely eyes, I feel that I can break any wall -unknown Short poems like these, found at lovepoetry.com are on great handwritten love notes for your wife or girlfriend to let them know you are thinking about them. A fountain tinkles,A star twinkles, A bird chirps, But you my dear Beat them all when you laugh from their heart. -unknown

A sweet nothing in the form of a poem is scientifically proven to make your lady smile.

Poems about your love Warning: These love poems from poetrypad.com are only for the most dedicated of boyfriends. In three phases or less, they convey passion, desire, and commitment. The day you came into my life everything changed;  you brought happiness, you brought hope, you brought contentment.  And most of all, you brought love; a love so amazing, a love so powerful, a love too beautiful to ever be defined. The day you came into you life you gave me everything, and I’ll love you always -unknown This piece is a perfect statement for when you are ready to take your relationship to the next level. Sometimes, I ask myself “How on earth did I ever get so lucky?”  You are such a wonderful person,  And at times it’s almost unbelievable That you love me the way that you do. The way that you smile at me; The way that you speak my name With such love in your voice Touches my heart and my soul, And I wonder what did I ever do  To deserve someone like you? -unknown

Ever wondered how you could tell your girlfriend you are grateful she is in your life?  This poem can help.

I love you more than love I love you deeper than the sea  I love you bigger than the sun  I love you higher than the trees  I love you to the moon  Well, I just really love you! -unknown Short and extremely sweet,  this poem can show your girlfriend how much you love her. I’ve made many wishes,  I’ve dreamt many dreams,  I’ve prayed many prayers, I’ve talked to God, And I’ve seen, What I thought was love,  Come and go. My hearts been broken, More times than you know, But I’ve kept the faith, I’ve held on, I believed that one day, You would come along;  My most perfect love, The beginning of a fairytale,  That will live on and on. You my love, will always be,  A part of my heart; A part of me. -unknown

10 Cute Short Love Poems For Him From The Heart

It can be difficult to express how much you love your man through verse without seeming corny. Often times poetry can be flowery and full of metaphors. Let’s be clear: there is nothing wrong with an epic poem. The problem many girlfriends, wives, and significant others face when giving poetry is that modern men would rather their poetry be short and sweet. They would rather have a couple cute or funny lines or poetry rather than a book of deep thoughts. Modern men are a product of the twitter phenomenon.  Here are ten cute short love poems for him (two in each category) from the heart and how you can make them your own.


The Haiku If pieces I lack, And whole I can’t seem to be, Will you finish me? -Tyler Knott Gregson

This haiku by Tyler Knot Gregson is about two people coming together to create a whole. It tells your boyfriend that he can help you grow into a better person with him by your side. It also demonstrates how much you need him. You are incomplete without him.

My emotions can’t Hold all this love, so my hips Will express the rest -V. Marks

This haiku from the Sexy Haiku of the Day Blog is filed with love and intimacy. Sensual love is just as much a part of a successful relationship as trust and respect. This poem lets your man know just how much you desire him in every way.

The rhyming couplet I never knew about happiness; I didn’t think dreams came true; I couldn’t really believe in love, Until I finally met you. -Joanna Fuchs

Short poems that rhyme like this one can convey a deeper message in very few words. Give this poem to your man to express to him just how grateful you are to have found him.

Doubt thou the stars are fire; Doubt thou the sun doth move; Doubt truth to be a liar; But never doubt I love. -William Shakespeare

This classic Shakespeare quote is a great short poem to give to let him know that your love is strong and unwavering. The four lines compare the cosmic elements of the stars to the power of your feelings.

The loving limerick You are my one and only love, You were sent from heaven up above, I look in your eyesThis is where love lies As we fly away on wins of a dove -A.H. LaVigne

The limerick is a Irish poetry construct of five lines. They rhyme in a specific pattern that gives the limerick a characterizing sing-song quality. Give your man a sweet limerick to make him smile at your whimsy while telling him just how much you care.

Just a text to say ‘I love you’, I can’t help it; there’s nothing I can do You are my best friend And my love for you will never end I just want to know if you love me too. -Louise Reilly This modern limerick employs current technology to express love. If you and your significant other exchange lots of daily messages then this poem suits you both very well.

Roses Are Red Roses are red, Violets  are blue, But woke up to find A new colour: it’s you. -Guillem Balague

This type of poem is a play on the original Roses are Red. This popular style of poetry can be reinvented over and over again to express anything. Use it to tell your man how much you love him.

Roses are red And various other colors Violets are violet If we are being specific. (I believe it was this attention to detail that made you fall in love with me). -Viv Groskop

A funny love poem can be just the thing for a man who appreciates the absurd. This parody poem is sure to get a cycle from your fun-loving beau.

Free Verse for Love There is an ocean of love in my heart There are sands of memories And arms to starch around you when you need them -Eve Roper

Free verse, or poetry without restrictions on rhyming or numbers of syllables, can be effective in their simplicity. This poem describes the giving nature of love, and how much you ate willing to give to your partner.

Eros harrows my heart: Wild gales whipping desolate mountains, Uprooting oaks. -Sappho (translated by Michael R. Burch) If your man is cultured and loves literature, use this erotic love poem by Sappho to tell him how much you desire him.

The 38 Most Inspirational Bible Verses About Life & Strength

It is often difficult to find inspiration, especially when you are feeling down or otherwise struggling in life. Many turn to the bible in these times because of the plethora of verses offered in regards to hard times. Countless inspirational bible verses about life and strength can be found to help inspire you.


  1. “And whoever lives by believing in me will never die. Do you believe this? – John 11:26
  2. This day I call the heavens and the earth as witnesses against you that I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose life, so that your children may live – Deuteronomy 30:19
  3. “I have told you these things, so that in Me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome this world.” – John 16:33
  4. For the spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline – 2 Timothy 1:7
  5. My comfort in my suffering is this: Your promise preserves my life. – Psalm 119:50
  6. The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly. – John 10:10
  7. In Him was life, and the life was the light of all mankind. – John 1:4
  8. And this is the promise that He promised us: eternal life. – 1 John 2:25
  9. Is not wisdom found among the aged? Does not life bring understanding? – Job 2:12
  10. For God so loved the world, that He gave his only begotten son. That whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life. – John 3:16
  11. As a prisoner for the Lord, then, I urge you to live a life worthy of the calling you have received. – Ephesians 4:1
  12. For with You is the fountain of life; in Your light we see light. – Psalm 36:9
  13. For “Whoever desires to love life and see good days, let him keep his tongue from evil and his lips from speaking deceit. – 1 Peter 3:10
  14. He died for us so that, whether we are awake or asleep, we may live together with Him. – 1 Thessalonians 5:10
  15. “Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more important than food, and the body more important than clothes? – Matthew 6:25
  16. For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. – Romans 6:23
  17. For whoever finds Me finds life, and obtains favor from the Lord. – Proverbs 8:35
  18. Then Jesus declared, “I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never go hungry, and whoever believes in Me will never be thirsty.” – John 6:35
  19. Whoever heeds discipline shows the way of life, but whoever ignores correction leads others astray. – Proverbs 10:17
  20. Blessed is the one who perseveres under trial because, having stood the test, that person will receive the crown of life that the Lord has promised to those who love Him. – James 1:12


  1. So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. – Isaiah 41:10
  2. God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble. – Psalm 46:1
  3. I keep my eyes always on the Lord. With him at my right hand, I will not be shaken. – Psalm 16:8
  4. The Lord is my strength and my defense; he has become my salvation. – Psalm 118:14
  5. I can do all things through Christ which strengthen me – Philippians 4:13
  6. He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak. – Isaiah 40:29
  7. My soul is weary with sorrow; strengthen me according to your word. – Psalm 119:28
  8. But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary; they will walk and not grow faint. – Isaiah 40:31
  9. Nehemiah said, “Go and enjoy choice food and sweet drinks, and send some to those who have nothing prepared. This day is holy to our Lord. Do not grieve, for the joy of the Lord is your strength.
  10. The Lord is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in him, and he helps me. My heart leaps for joy, and with my song I praise Him. – Psalm 28:7
  11. The sovereign Lord is my strength; he makes my feet like the feet of deer, he enables me to tread on the heights. – Habakkuk 3:19
  12. Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be courageous; be strong. – 1 Corinthians 6:13
  13. Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you; He will never leave you nor forsake you. – Deuteronomy 31:6
  14. Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go. – Joshua 1:9
  15. But the Lord is faithful, and He will strengthen and protect you from the evil one. – 2 Thessalonians 3:3
  16. I am strong in the Lord and in the power of His might. – Ephesians 6:10
  17. In quietness and confidence shall be my strength. – Isaiah 30:15
  18. Look to the Lord and his strength; seek His face always. – 1 Chronicles 16:11

These inspirational bible verses are just a few of the many offered. It can be difficult to find strength in life, but with these verses in mind, perhaps you can find that strength after all.

The Top 20 Funniest Movies Of All Time (As of 2017)

Funny movies are box office gold regardless of genre. From romantic comedies to sci-fi spoofs, audiences gravitate to films that spark laughter. While there is an abundance of movies to choose, this list is sure to provide something for everyone.  List criteria includes audience popularity and the opinion of film experts and writers. We have posted our favorite funniest movies of all time as of 2016 below.


The Thin Man

William Powell and Myrna Loy star in this 1934 movie as Nick and Nora Charles. Nick Charles is a retired detective who gets pulled backed into a murder investigation to the delight of his wife. The martini drinking Charles solves the case with a cast of quirky characters in tow.

Arsenic And Old Lace

Who can resist the charm of Cary Grant in this 1944 classic? Grant’s character is convinced his family in bonkers and tries to keep it a secret. His aunts lovingly snuff out selective widowers and a cousin thinks he’s Teddy Roosevelt. Add in an escaped murderer and a few other creepy characters and you get a funny, good time.

Some Like It Hot

After witnessing a mob hit, two musicians hide in plain sight as cross-dressing members of an all-female band. Comedy ensues as they pursue and avoid relationships while in disguise. This 1959 comedy features Marilyn Monroe.

Dr. Strangelove Or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Bomb

This film presents a satirical look at the hydrogen bomb, taking a humorous poke at what happens when control falls in the wrong hand. The heavy issues of this 1964 film are made funny with a strong comedic writing and good acting.

Blazing Saddles

This 1974 western comedy was ahead of its time, weaving racism and political corruption into the story line about building a railroad.  A politician seeks to destroy a town to get his way, so he appoints a black sheriff. The film presents social issues with humor turned up. Cleavon Little stars as the sheriff.

Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Imagine the obstacles that keep King Arthur from finding the Holy Grail in this 1975 funny farce. With circus-like barriers popping up during the quest, the film provides numerous laugh-out-loud moments.


A star-packed cast with plenty of parodies and hijinks in the air. Yep, someone other than the pilot, must land the plane in this 1980 flick. The only choice is a discombobulated ex-pilot, portrayed by actor Robert Hayes. But don’t call him Shirley.

The Blues Brothers

Getting the band back together is a mission from God for ex-con brothers Jake and Elwood, played by John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd. Out of jail for a split second, they soon become wanted men with the law in full pursuit. This won’t keep them from rounding up former band members in this 1980 classic.

Caddy Shack

Bill Murray, Harold Ramis, Chevy Chase, Ted Knight and Rodney Dangerfield provide serious comic relief in this 1980 movie. When a swanky golf country club gets a less-than-desirable new member, plenty of humor follows. Add in an elusive gopher that Bill Murray’s character is bent on capturing and the side-splitting laughter begins.


This 1984 sci-fi comedy brings ghost hunting front and center.  Busting ghosts from a haunted house is funny, especially when Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, and Harold Ramis lead the cast. This trio turns up the comedic dial in this funny flick.

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

A surprising 1986 hit with a teenage hero at the helm. Matthew Broderick stars as the teen who plays hooky from school on his own terms. With this atypical teen movie, the laughs are classic.

Groundhog Day

Bill Murray stars as a self-loving local television weatherman who longs for the national stage. But there’s a problem. When sent on an assignment to cover annual Groundhog Day festivities, a freak event keeps him stuck in time in this 1993 film.

There’s Something About Mary

A hilarious 1998 movie focusing on the pursuit of Mary (Cameron Diaz) by Ben Stiller’s character. She’s been his ideal love interest since high school. The trouble is, every guy out there seems to want her, too.  Lots of laughs as the pursuit is on.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding

What happens when a Greek marries a non-Greek? This 2002 romantic comedy explores the family chaos that ensues. Of course, in the end, love trumps family traditions, but not without a ton of hilarious ups and downs.

Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy

Competitive news gets parodied quite humorously in this 2004 film about narrow-minded news anchor Ron Burgundy.  Will Ferrell portrays the anchorman with strong comedic chops.

Borat: Cultural Learnings Of America For Make Benefit Glorious Nation Of Kazakhstan

Borat is sent to report on this great country, but his focus soon turns to a pursuit of Pamela Anderson. This 2006 film takes political incorrectness to a new level.

The Hangover

How do you lose a groom? That’s not a problem when memories are sketchy after bachelor party activities from the previous night. Finding the groom before his wedding is the quest presented in this 2009 film, filled with laughable moments


Rivalry gone crazy is the theme of this 2011 hit featuring Kristen Wiig. The movie portrays the hilarious antics that develop when two members of the bride’s wedding party try to outdo each other to show who really is the bride’s best friend.

The Lego Movie

This film debuted in 2014, covering the journey of a special Lego construction worker’s attempt to stop the Lego universe from becoming a glued state for all eternity. Full of humorous references to other films, the hero, has his hands full with this quest.


In this 2015 animated box office blockbuster, Minions are recruited by a villainous character to help take over the world. Goodness prevails, but getting there is half the fun. There you have it our funniest movies of all time list. This list of all time funny movies rates well with viewers, writers, and film makers. While favorites are personal, these are worth a look.

20 Funny Questions To Ask A Guy And Girl

A great way to start a conversation is with a good question and a great way to get to break the ice with someone is to get them laughing.  A funny question can make a person laugh and feel more comfortable around you while also letting you both get to know each other.  Here are 20 funny questions that you can ask a guy and girl. 


Is it wrong for a vegetarian to eat an animal cracker? A great ice breaker because it is a silly question.  This is a good question to get the ball rolling on a conversation.  You can find out if they’re a vegetarian and you’re sure to get a laugh with this funny question.

If you could marry a fictional character, who would you choose? This is a great question to start learning more about the other person.  You might find out their favorite movie or TV show, which actors they like, and what they are looking for in a partner.  Plus it’s fun to think about marrying the perfect significant other.

What are you most superstitious about? We all have weird little quirks and while we might feel like we’re the only ones, chances are we’re not alone.  Find out odd or funny superstition the other person has and why.  It’s interesting to learn about the events that lead to a superstition.

Would you rather read the book before the movie? A lot of books get turned into movies and this is a telling question.  Is the other person more of a bookworm or a movie buff?  If they like to do both, find out if they usually like the book or the movie more.

If you were a mind reader, whose mind would you want to read? Ever wished that you could read another person’s mind?  Now is your chance to imagine what it would be like.  After you find out whose mind they would read, ask what you think they would find out.

Do you think Adam and Eve had belly buttons? The first humans technically weren’t born the way we are, so do you think they had belly buttons?  This can be a fun question and helps you learn what the other person believes in and their deep thoughts on navels.

What historical period do you wish you could have been a part of? Maybe they wish they could have been around during medieval times or maybe they would have loved to have been a part of the civil rights movement.  Find out why they chose the historical period they did and see if there is anything from this time they would miss.

What was your favorite thing you did today? This question is a good way to find out what they did with their day.  It can also show that you’re taking an active interest in what they do.  Once you find out what they did that they liked, you can try to recreate it at another time.

What is the most embarrassing thing that you spent money on? There have been times in all of our lives when we shell out cash for something totally embarrassing.  Whether it was the latest fashion fad or something from an infomercial, we all have something that makes us shake our heads.  See if you can top their embarrassing purchase!

When you have a problem, who is the one person you go to first? It’s nice to have someone who you can always rely on, so find out who that is for the other person.  If they live far away from friends or family, see if they call or use some other social media to get into contact with their support system.

What is the last picture you took on your phone? Find out if they are the queen of selfies or have hundreds of pictures of food in their phone.  Pictures can say 1000 words without even saying anything so see what their latest picture tells you.

What one event do you wish that you could have been at? Do they wish they could have been at Woodstock?  Would they have loved to hear a speech from Martin Luther King Jr.?  Maybe they would have wanted to be around when Statue of Liberty was built on Ellis Island.  This question can let you see where their true interests lie.

What is the one question you hate to answer? This question is kind of funny because once you find out the answer, you’re going to want to know what they would say to that question.  It also lets you see a little bit of what annoys them and can help you avoid that in the future.

What is the longest you’ve stayed awake? No matter what the answer is, there is going to be a story behind it.  Find out why they stayed up so long.  Maybe they just don’t like to sleep or they were cramming for an important test.  Or they just might be a party animal and like to stay out late.

If you had to be a Disney prince or princess, who would you choose? Whether it’s the classic Disney prince and princesses or the newer ones, it’s fun to see which one they would choose.  Is it someone from their favorite Disney movie or did they choose someone that seems to have a perfect life?  Maybe their choice is based on the animal sidekick that comes with the main character.

What was your favorite class in middle school? Ask if they liked math or English better.  Find out if it was a particular teacher that made that class fun or if they just liked the subject matter.  Do they still like those things now and did that love influence the educational choices that they made later on?

What is the most annoying commercial on right now? The Super Bowl brings some really great commercials, but there are always at least five bad ones to balance it out.  See which commercial the other person hates to see.  Is it because they don’t like the product or service that is being sold or are the actors in the commercial really annoying?

McDonald’s, Wendy’s, or Burger King? What is their favorite fast food joint?  If they don’t eat fast food, make them choose between the three.  What do they like most about their choice and who has the best fries?  This can also lead to other places that they like to eat and what their favorite food might be.

What’s your favorite landscape? Are they more a mountain type person or do they prefer the beach?  Forests or maybe the prairie?  Their answer can tell you about what kind of person they are, where they would like to live, and the activities they like to do.  Find out as much about the why behind their answer.

What famous person do you think you look like? Have they ever been told that they resemble a certain star or celebrity?  If not, find out who they think that they look like and why.  If they don’t think they look like any celebrity, see if there is someone that they wished they looked like.

By asking just a few unique questions, you can really start to learn about someone.  Their answers will often reveal more than just what’s on the surface and show you the kind of person they are.  Use these fun questions to get to know someone and break the ice.  You never know what you might find out!

20 Interesting Topics To Talk About With A Guy Or Girl

When you’re having a conversation with another person, especially of the opposite gender, it can be a little difficult to keep coming up with new topics.  You want to keep the other person engaged, but all you can think to ask is about politics or movies.  Here are 20 interesting topics to talk about with a guy or girl that will ensure no one is bored.

Favorite books from each period of your life. Find out what book was the other person’s favorite in grade school, middle school, high school, and college.  During these significant points in your life, books can help you through difficult changes and help you understand what you’re going through.

Time travel, could it be possible? We’ve all seen movies or read stories about time travel, but do you think it could actually happen?  Find out the other person’s thoughts and discuss the pros and cons of being able to travel through time.

The most interesting person you’ve ever met. You usually run across a few interesting people during your life.  It might be because they’re wild and crazy or they have accomplished great things in a short period of time.  Find out what characters they’ve met over the years and how those people have influenced them.

Relaxing vacation or exploring vacation? What kind of vacation appeals to you most?  Talk about the benefits of taking a relaxing vacation or a more adventurous one.  You could even talk about your ideal locations and lengths and perhaps plot out your next trip!

Major events and their effect. Discuss how major events have affected both of your lives.  If you want to keep it lighter stick to things like their first concert or going to college for the first time.  If you’re ready to go deeper, talk about events like 9/11 or Hurricane Katrina.  Make sure to see how those events made each of you feel and how they changed your life.

The best and worst meal ever eaten. Talk about the best meal that both of you have ever eaten.  Was it in a restaurant or was it a home cooked meal?  Then find out what was the worst meal.  Find out what made the meal good or bad and you can find out what some of their likes and dislikes are.

Mac or PC?  iPhone or Android? If both of you are into technology this can be a good conversation starter.  Find out if they are an Apple person or prefer a PC.  What kind of phone does each of you have?  Discuss the pros and cons to each of these options and see if you can find out if there is a winner in the tech game.

Five-year plans. Tell each other where you would ideally like to be in five years.  Ask how they plan to make those goals happen and why those dreams are so important to them.  You could even go back a little and see where they were five years ago and if they’ve met the goals they had back then.

What name would you pick for yourself? This isn’t a deep conversation necessarily, but you can find out if both of you like your names and if not what name you would rather have.  If they don’t want to change their name, ask why they like their name.

First memory. This might be a tough one, but it can be fun to go back and see if you can figure out what your first memory was.  You can ask how that memory affected them and find out if it was a happy or sad memory.

The most fun part of each of your jobs. Sometimes it can be really easy to find the negative parts of your job.  Many people are used to complaining about their job, so turn the tables and find out about the most fun part of each of your jobs.  And it can’t be when you get to go home for the day!

The best gift you’ve ever given. We can all remember the best gift that we ever got, but can you think of the best gift that you’ve ever given?  Ask why that was the best gift and what made it so memorable.  This conversation can also show you what kind of gift-giver the other person is.

Guilty pleasure movie. Some movies out there were never made to be Academy Award winners, but people still love them anyway.  See what the worst movie the other person loves.  Maybe you’ll be surprised and find out you both like the same awful movies.

What TV show would you want to be on? Now you know the other person’s favorite TV show.  Find out what role they would want and why.  Do they want to take someone’s place or would they want a whole new character made just for them?  Would they want a starring role or a supporting character?

Biggest fear. This might be a common conversation starter, but it can help lead to other meaningful conversations.  Go to the reason behind the fear and see if you both can figure out why you have that fear.

Rich or famous? If you could only be one, which would you choose?  Talk about all the reasons it would be better to be rich or famous and see if you can agree on one.  It can be fun to dream about something that may or may not happen in the future.

Talk about your childhood nicknames. It can be fun to remember the nicknames that you had as a child and maybe you still have them today.  See if you can remember who gave you the nickname and why.  Did you like the nickname or was it more of a nuisance?

Bravest thing you’ve ever done. Talk about any acts of bravery that you have done.  Maybe it was something small like sticking up for someone being picked on or big like saving someone from a burning building.  It might feel like tooting your own horn, but it’s nice to see the good in you and other people.

Deep dish or thin crust? This is an even better conversation starter if one of you is from Chicago or New York.  Each person is fiercely dedicated to their favorite kind of pizza and this can be a fun little rivalry.  It can also lead to talking about each city and the pros and cons of both.

Who would sing your theme song? You can talk about the style and genre of your theme song along with who will sing it.  You might even figure out all the different theme songs for the different parts of your day.  Music is a great conversation starter because it can reveal a lot about a person.

You don’t have to use just the typical conversation starters when you’re with a group of people or significant others.  There are so many more interesting things to talk about than the latest Hollywood gossip or the worst thing about your job.  Use these fun topics the next time you find yourself needing something to talk about!

20 Really Good Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend

Your relationship with your boyfriend may have reached the point where you both feel comfortable with each other. These questions you can ask—not all at once of course—to enliven things and have some fun.


How many serious relationships have you been in? This is a good one to ask at the beginning of the relationship. It will give you a sense of his emotional security.

Have you ever had your heart broken? This is another good one. Although few of them will admit, heart break has a very deep and lasting impact on a man.

What do you want out of life? A general question to be sure. However, you may be surprised at how he answers it.

Where do you see your career going? You will get a glimpse at how happy he is in his current job—whether he takes it seriously and intends to stick with it and seek promotion.

Do you like the way I dress? We tend to be really self-conscious—especially about the way we dress. He may be reticent to tell you what he really thinks. Ask him flat out. And prepare yourself for an honest answer.

Are you ever attracted to other women? There is little doubt that he is, but you shouldn’t feel threatened. He will probably try to avoid answering. Coax him a little.

Do you think I’ve gained weight since we met? We shouldn’t get too comfortable girls!

What do you think about us living together? The question is better asked after you’ve been together for a while.

Do you like my friends? You don’t have to like everything about each other’s friends. But if you want to keep both him and them in your life you should get a sense of who he doesn’t like and why.

Have you ever been jealous over me? It’s nice to feel that your man has been jealous over you—admit it.

What would you think if I went back to school? Some guys have a real problem with women who are more educated than they are. If you’re thinking of going to grad school, you should determine whether he is one of them.

Do you find me attractive in the morning? Another question that he is unlikely to be straightforward about. But you should try to get him to do so. We are completely unmasked in the morning and are therefore likely to be at our most unpleasant. You will be able to gauge from his face how unpleasant when he responds to the question.

Would you like to meet my parents? If you live far from your parents, you will need to arrange a special trip just to get this done. If he says yes, it can shift the relationship into a completely new level.

When will I meet your parents? Don’t panic if he’s evasive. He may have issues with his folks that he would prefer to work out before he introduces you to them. Again, it is a big deal if you have to make a special trip to meet them.

Would you like to have children some day? This is another question that is best asked after you’ve been in the relationship for a while. It can be a delicate matter, so you don’t want to be pushy.

If you could change one thing about me, what would it be? He may give you the predictable answer of nothing. Or, he may be honest and tell you the truth. You will never know unless you ask.

What would you say to my changing careers? If you’re seriously thinking about doing so, it will affect his life as much as yours.

What do you think of spending Christmas together? Christmas is a time for family. If you’re thinking of spending it together, you will either have to go together to your family’s place or his or you make it a Christmas of just the two of you together.

Do you mind that I have male friends? This can be a real problem for some guys. You want to get as straight an answer as you can about it.

If we got married, would you ever consider becoming a stay-at-home dad? If you have the kind of career that keeps you busy and in the office a lot, then you really should consider this as an option. It is the kind of question you want to ask your boyfriend when you think he’s ready to speak seriously about marriage and the future.

As you can see, these questions can give you real insight into your partner’s mind. They can be a great way to put a bit of a spark into the evening.

20 Really Good Never Have I Ever Questions

20 Really Good Never Have I Ever Questions

Here are 20 good never have I ever questions that can bring life to just about any party.  Maybe you’re just having some friends over for some drinks and a laugh. Asking these questions is sure to get things going.


Have you ever gone skinny dipping? It’s worth a try. It may be a bit cold at first, but your body will soon adjust.

Have you ever swum naked in a friend’s pool? If done as prank, you should keep it close hold. If done with your friend, it should come at the end of festive night.

Have you ever fallen for a girl at first sight? There is such a thing as love at first sight. If you have never experienced it, watch out. It can happen to any of us at any time.

Have you ever cheated on an exam? The temptation is great, especially if you’re unprepared. Doing it may seem so simple and easy that you will think it’s not so bad—at the time.

Have you ever been on an airplane? You’re not alone. You would be stunned at how many people have yet to take their first flight. Just don’t put it off for too long. It becomes harder to do as you get older.

Have you ever eaten food you dropped on the floor? The old five second rule can be applied here. But who says you should even be limited by this arbitrary time frame. If you keep your floors clean and its only you living in the house, it may not be so gross to pick up and eat.

Have you ever rummaged through the trash to find something you accidentally threw away? You may have been in a hurry when you were throwing things away. There is no shame in digging through the trash to recover that important document or piece of clothing.

Have you ever read a book of more than a thousand pages? Some long books are worth the read. They are so interesting and intriguing that you can get lost in the world of the author. War and Peace, Ulysses anyone?

Have you ever accidentally walked in on someone in a bathroom? It can be quite embarrassing for both you and the other person. That is why you should always open the door to a public toilet slowly.

Have you ever walked around all day with mismatched socks? Socks that are close in shade of color make this ever-present concern. Dark browns are especially troublesome.

Have you ever walked around all day with your t-shirt on backwards? You should try it for a day and see if anyone takes notice.

Have you ever had all of your credit cards rejected? If you haven’t I don’t recommend it. The experience is deeply humiliating.

Have you ever been out on a date and realized you left your wallet at home? Another experience to be avoided. Taking out the girl of your dreams to a nice restaurant and then realizing that you can’t pay for the meal will crush all hopes of a second date—unless she’s a really understanding person. Which she may be; that’s one of the reasons you like her, right?

Have you ever seen a solar eclipse? They don’t happen that often. If you hear that one is to occur, you should take time out to observe it. It’s one of those things everyone should do at least once.

Have you ever walked out of a movie theater half way through a film? You should never feel wedded to watching a film. Yes, you paid a lot of money for it. But a bad movie is a bad movie. You shouldn’t waste your time with it.

Have you ever been pulled over for speeding? You’ve been lucky. Don’t push it though.

Have you ever been slapped in the face for making a rude remark? Mind your manners and you can avoid this happening to you.

Have you ever witnessed a car accident as it happened? It is an incredible sight. Sometimes very tragic. Things occur much faster than they do in the movies.

Have you ever been to a major sporting event? Again, it would surprise you to learn how many people have not actually done this. It is quite an experience being part of a large crowd at a football, basketball, or baseball game.

Have you ever used the company phone to make a long distance phone call? If you haven’t, then you are a really good employee. This is one of the most common forms of employee abuse. The people who do it tend not to view it that way at all. Never have I questions will help you to get to know your friends. You may also discover things about yourself—especially the things you have yet to experience.

20 Cool and Cute Nicknames For Guys

Nicknames are sometimes seen as ways of teasing people. But they are really expressions of endearment and affection. Here are 20 cute and cool nicknames for guys. You may want to try them on the some of the men in your life.


Sponge This is a great name for a guy who seems to soak up any and all information given to him. It is also good for one of those guys who take on every task with alacrity and gets it done to perfection.

The Postman When he knows how to deliver—whether it be a favor to you or his promises to others or even the right joke at the right time.

Choir Boy This nickname should be reserved for those guys who always seem always good and dutiful. If the guy has never put one foot in the wrong direction, then this is a great name for him.

Icebox This is one for the guy who never makes any mistakes. The one who no matter what he does it turns out well and perfect and to his benefit.

Razor A nickname for the guy who knows how to say things that cut right to the core of matters. It can also be a great nickname for a guy who knows how to hurl insults that are so sharp and witty they’re impossible to come back from.

Shady Nearly everyone has a friend who is just not on the level in how he deals with people or whose way of making a living is not quite illegal but is a bit suspect. This is the perfect nickname for him. It denotes the idea of ambiguity and non-certainty.

Meat This is a nice one for the guy who is a bit chubby.

Tank If you have a friend who is strong and solid and moves slowly and a bit clumsily, this could be a perfect nickname for him. The image of the tank, a lumbering, powerful vehicle rolling across the field can be seen as an appropriate match.

Gooder This one is for the guy who is Mr. PC, whose is forever going on about the need to help the unfortunate and underprivileged. If you know anyone like that, then you should give him a nickname that befits his temperament and behavior.

Brain There is not a better nickname for the guy who seems to know everything. It’s appropriate for the one always gets the best grades and who seems to always be involved in some intellectual conversation or other.

Sandy The name can be attached to someone to acknowledge the color of their hair—sandy blonde or sandy brunette. If not, it’s just a really nice sounding name that many guys would welcome.

Hitch This is the perfect nickname for the serial monogamist. You know the type: the guy who doesn’t date as much as he enters relationship after relationship.

Bender This is for the guy who never stops partying. Even after college and youth have long passed, he still goes out drinking as though he never has to get serious about his life and his future.

Tower A clipped version of “Tower of Strength”.  This is for the guy who remains unshaken and unflappable no matter how dire and desperate the circumstances. It’s a name meant to compliment the virtue of such a person.

Brownie This can be used for the guy who has a really great shade of brown hair or brown eyes.

Red This is commonly used for a guy with red hair. But it can also be attached to your friend who turns red in the face when he’s about to lose his temper.

Trip There are a number of personality traits to which this nickname can be applied to. It can be reserved for your friend who regularly suggests things that are so mad one would think he was on an acid trip. It can also be given to your friend who tends to disappear for weeks or even months at a time.

Quick A great name for guys who are quick-tempered. That friend of yours who is easily angered or provoked deserves a nickname like this.

Handler This is for the guy who is always trying to get people to do something against their will. You probably know at least one person like this. They seem to always be organizing things and trying to get people involved with events and get-togethers for one purpose or another.

Babyface You may know someone who has an especially young looking face. Indeed, you may know a guy who looks as though he doesn’t even have to shave. This nickname is reserved for the men who seem to never grow old. As you can see, there are plenty of great nicknames that can be attached to guys that you know. They don’t have to infer meanness or cruelty. Indeed, they can be express a kind of awe and admiration.

10 Really Sweet And Cute Things To Say To Your Boyfriend

Let’s face it: nobody’s perfect. Even the world’s greatest girlfriend needs tips on making her boyfriend happy every now and again. This is because daily life can have a dampening effect on passion and romance. A lack of passion can be the end of even the strongest relationships, so it is important to find ways to keep affection alive. One way to do this is with constant communication.

Here are 10 really sweet and cute things to say to you boyfriend in order to keep the communication open and the passion burning bright in your relationship.


1. I need you. It is human nature to want to feel useful. This is because we like having purpose and a place in the lives of those we care for. Your boyfriend feels the same way. Letting him know that having him in your life is considered a necessity can make a man feel incredibly special. Keep in mind that this is not needy. Neediness is considered a negative personality trait because it is an over-dependence on other people or things. Often people confuse need for neediness and neglect to tell those they care about that they are truly needed.

2. You’re a good man. You should be a big fan of your man’s physical appearance, but be sure to let him know that his character is desirable too. Men are not often credited for their outstanding character. If he is dependable or honest, be sure to tell him how much you respect and admire these traits within him. This kind of sweet positive reinforcement will only strengthen your bond as a couple, not to mention it will ensure that he continues to treat you to his best qualities.

3. I love when you do this. Praise is always sweet and cute when it is truly genuine. If your boyfriend makes a fantastic omelet, gives amazing shoulder rubs, or makes your heart melt because he always grabs your hand whenever he gets excited, tell him just how much you like the things he does.

4. Let’s go exploring! Awaken your boyfriend’s sense of adventure by suggesting an impromptu exploration of your neighborhood. Spending quality time will always add value to your relationship, but by asking him to go on an adventure you are telling your boyfriend that you think of the two of you as a team. He will find this incredibly sweet.

5. Can you please help me? Asking for your boyfriend’s help and utilizing his skills is going to make your boyfriend feel very special. Many women may object to the idea of not being self-sufficient and doing everything themselves, but your boyfriend will know that you trust his judgement and appreciate his help.

6. I am lucky to have you. The sweetest thing you can do for your boyfriend is to let him know just how you feel to have him in your life. Good relationships are rare. Make sure your man knows that you don’t take yours for granted.

7. I got us tickets! Getting you and your man tickets to his favorite sporting event, tour of his preferred brewery, or to watch a favorite band play is more than just a gift. It tells him you listen to him. You know him and his likes. Tickets for things he loves are considerate cute as well.

8. This makes me think of you. When you care about someone, every minor smell, sight, and experience can remind you of them. When the smell of your coworkers coffee reminds you of your first date with your now boyfriend at the local coffee shop, tell him about it! This is yet another way to let him know that his presence is appreciated and never taken for granted.

9. Your intelligence is sexy. Your boyfriend is probably handsome, but is he smart too? If he is, let him know how his intelligence turns you on. Many men don’t realize that physical attraction is intellectual for women as often as it is physical. It will make him feel special when you tell him you are hot for his brains as well as his brawn.

10. I love this about you. It may seem like this doesn’t need to be said, but even the most affectionate people forget to tell their partners just what it so special about them. Taking the time to tell your boyfriend just which traits he possesses that you love can do more than make him feel special. It can open the lines of communication and allow him to open up to you the same way.

10 Really Sweet and Cute Things To Say To Your Girlfriend

Sometimes the best couples need no words to communicate. That strong bond that allows two people to connect non verbally is incredibly rare and wonderful. That being said, sometimes your girlfriend needs to hear something sweet and cute after a long day.

It may seem as if you need to be a poet laureate to craft the right words to melt your lady’s heart, but it isn’t as difficult as it may seem. There is a trick to saying cute and sweet things that are from the heart. Here are ten really cute and sweet things to say to your girlfriend and why they are so effective.


  1. How was your day?

The trick to saying this to your girlfriend is not so much in how you say it but how you listen to her answer. Women have been unfairly stereotyped to talking endlessly about the meaningless little events of their day, but sharing her life with you may be one of the ways your girlfriend shows how much she cares. If you are able to truly listen and react when you ask about her day, it can be one of the sweetest gestures you can extend to your girlfriend.

  1. I like sharing this with you.

Shared activities should be a given in any relationship. Women tend to really value quality time spent with you. When you openly acknowledge that your weekly karaoke night with your girlfriend is something you like and look forward to it makes that time even more special to her. Also by telling her which activities you do together that you really like, she can get a better idea of new things that you may enjoy. This open communication can only benefit your relationship.

  1. You are so good at this!

Everyone loves a good compliment! Instead of telling your girlfriend how sexy she looks in the outfit she wore to go bowling, instead praise her for that strike she just pulled in. Women like to be acknowledged for their capabilities; unfortunately many men never got the memo. You should still feel empowered to compliment your girlfriend’s appearance; just know that her mad skills are just as compliment-worthy as her killer smile.

  1. This is special.

Doing tasks for other people is a very common gesture of affection in women. If your girlfriend is the kind of person who likes to cook for you, or bring you small gifts and other thoughtful things, it is very important to let her know just how appreciated her efforts are. Thank you isn’t going to cut it; instead illustrate to her just how useful or helpful this particular effort was. If you woke up to find your favorite latte on your bedside table next to a sweet note from your girl, be sure to let her know just how great it was to save the five minutes before work you would have taken to make it yourself.

  1. I want this for you.

Sometimes daily life can be difficult. It is hard to always be a well-adjusted carefree individual when work, family, and other obligations demand our constant attention. If you want your girlfriend to be able to enjoy a night off with no work emails, or a vacation, tell her so. This shouldn’t be a criticism; instead, communicate to her just how much you want the very best for her. Your desire for her happiness will be very much appreciated and possibly make the burden of her responsibilities that much more bearable.

  1. You are beautiful.

Beauty is more than skin deep. While it is important to feel physical attraction to your partner, only focusing on the physical attributes of your girlfriend can leave her feeling like there is less of a connection on your end. It is equally as important to tell your girlfriend how giving she is, how lovely her laugh sounds to you, or how caring you find her. Knowing that you are with her for more than her looks is one of the sweetest gifts you can give to her.

  1. You are so smart!

Along the same lines of beautiful, telling your girlfriend how smart and capable she is can be a very sweet gesture.

  1. I want to hold your hand.

Physical intimacy doesn’t have to be reserved for the bedroom. Show your girlfriend how sweet you can be by asking if you can hold her hand. This is the perfect amount of P.D.A. The physical closeness without overt sexual vibes can be very romantic.

  1. You are my best friend.

Having a girlfriend that you tell everything to is a special bond in itself. It is often said by relationship experts that the best marriages come from friendships. If your girlfriend is your confidant and best friend, be sure to remind her of that constantly.

  1. Thank you for loving me.

There is nothing sweeter or cuter to say to your girlfriend than to express the gratitude you have for her.

20 Really Funny Newlywed Game Questions

In this day and age with social media and smartphones providing information at the touch of a finger it is easy to think that you know everything there is to know about your partner by the time you marry them.

Luckily this is not the case. Test your knowledge and see just how well you truly know your new spouse with a modern twist on the newlywed game. Based on the popular American game show of the same name, the newlywed game is played in teams of two. For obvious reasons these teams are preferably newlywed couples.

Each couple is asked the same questions about one of the people in their relationship. Both people answer the question separately. If they each provide the same answer the couple earns a point. The couple with the most points at the end of each round is considered the winner. You can also earn bragging rights as the most connected couple in your social circle while getting to know each other at the same time. Here are 20 really funny newlywed game questions to ask in order to truly find out how well you know each other!


  1. If your father in law was an animal which animal would he be?

This is a great warm up question. It gets everybody giggling and set the tone. It also gives you an opportunity to understand how your spouse sees your parents.

  1. What color is your spouses underwear today?

As newlyweds, odds are you probably cannot get enough of each other. Show your spouse that you pay attention to the little things with this racy question.

  1. Describe your wedding night using only the titles of popular cocktails.

(example: sex on the beach, car bomb, fuzzy navel etc.)

  1. Which one of your spouses siblings is their favorite?

Stir up some friendly sibling rivalry with this fun question.

  1. Which song is your wifes favorite song to dance to?

A correct answer to this question will tell your wife just how much you like her moves, on and off the dance floor.

  1. Name your husbands last three girlfriends.

Give your husband a little something to sweat about by showing him you paid attention to all the girls that came before you.

  1. If your spouse was a child, what would you take away to punish them if they misbehave?

This cute question is all about knowing what your spouse likes and what they don’t like. Let them know just what you would do to them if they dare to misbehave.

  1. Which meal that you cook is your spouses favorite?

Show your husband or wife a little love in the kitchen by telling them just how much you appreciate their cooking.

  1. What time of day did you go on your first date?

Remembering your first date is crucial to keeping the flame alive. Ace this question and let your spouse know just how special that very first meeting was.

    10. What is your spouses ring size?

It wasn’t that long ago that you put a ring on it. Surely you remember what size that ring was.

    11. What is your wifes favorite guilty pleasure activity?

This question and answer are sure to make your wife blush and the rest of the room chuckle in delight.

12.What was the subject of your very first fight?

It may have seemed like a big deal at the time, but usually couples share a good laugh over the trivial things they initially fought over.

13.What is your spouses favorite position?

Letting your spouse know that you pay attention to their likes and dislikes in the bedroom will surely bring you some brownie points.

14.How many wedding dresses did your wife try on before she found the one?

Often the most difficult part of planning a wedding, the right wedding dress is something that was important to her and by letting her know you remember what she went through to find it will make her feel special.

15.Describe your husband bachelor party using only famous movie titles.

The Hangover.  The Night of the Living Dead.  The Exorcism.

16.Which one of your wife’s friends could you count on to bail her out of jail no questions asked?

This may be funny now, but it’s important to know which of your wife’s friends will be there for her.

17.Who is your husband celebrity crush?
18.What is your wifes bra size?
19.Name three things that are always in your wifes purse.

Many women’s personalities can be accurately described by the contents of her purse.

20.Does your wife think that you are a good dancer?

People who are good dancers are often great in other arenas is well. Hint hint: we’re talking about the bedroom.

How To Get Your Ex Back Fast (In 5 Quick Steps)

A tumultuous relationship is often the mark of two incredibly passionate people coming together. Breaking up and getting back together does not make a relationship week, it only means that two people need to separate and sort their emotions out before getting back together in order to make their relationship work.

There may be times that you are ready to mend your fences but you don’t know how to get your ex back to the negotiating table. You wish to fight for the relationship, but do not know where to start. It is important to realize that the longer you wait to try and earn your ex’s trust again, the harder it will be for the relationship to be fixed.Here are 5 quick steps that you can take to get your ex back as quickly as possible so that you can work on creating a better and stronger relationship.


Validate their feelings. Whether or not you agree with everything that they have said over the course of your break up, it is important to realize that their feelings are valid and acknowledge them. Many failed relationships have happened as a result of one or both partners feeling like their opinions are not valued or their feelings are not considered real. Avoid common defense mechanisms that resort to belittling your partner’s feelings, like calling them crazy or implying that they are not smart.

A relationship can not be mended using negative tactics. Instead of tearing their feelings down, Focus on letting them know that they have the right to feel the way they feel. Even if your intentions were not to deliberately hurt them, owning the things you’ve done that hurt them will help  them understand that you really care. This can open up lines of communication because it will allow your ex to drop their defenses.

Share your feelings. It is important to let your ex know that you want to get back together. This may seem counter intuitive as it may weaken your position, but any deception will not get you to a loving relationship as quickly as direct honesty will. This can also save you time and heartbreak in the long run if your partner has no desire to ever mend the relationship. There is no point trying to force someone back into a relationship that they have walked away from. By being direct and upfront from the start, you can both acknowledge what you want and work towards it from there.

Focus on the good. If you truly want to get back with your ex, try to let the past be in the past. Rehashing old arguments will not be productive in creating new and stronger relationships. Instead, focus on the things that you love about this person.  Why did your relationship work in the first place? It’s important to hold on to these reasons while you’re trying to discuss the possibility of getting back together with your ex. All too often we get so bogged down in the hurt and the negative feelings that we forget what is good about a relationship and what is truly worth fighting for.

Remind your significant other of how much you love them and how good you are together. Show them with little gestures  that you don’t plan on taking them for granted any longer.  Think back to your initial courtship and try to recreate the actions that worked so well in drawing them to you initially.

Listen. Getting back together with your ex means that you need to truly listen to what they want. If you rekindle a relationship without actually doing what your ex needs and wants, you will end up alone again faster than you can blink. Once you have made the decision to rekindle that flame,  take the time to listen to their needs so that you can meet them.  For example, if your significant other was frustrated with your lack of affection, do what you can to give them the affection they craved. Hopefully your ex will see your efforts and do their best to listen to your needs as well.

Come up with a Game Plan. Moving forward, what can you and your significant other do better to prevent another breakup? To create a relationship that lasts, focus on coming up with an agreement with your ex so that you can know what to do the next time there is conflict in your relationship. This way you never have to worry about breaking up and getting back together again.  Please know that if your relationship is abusive or violent that these steps will be ineffective.  The best course of action in this case is to part ways safely and permanently. Love can be painful, but physical pain is not love.

The 42 Best Running Songs Of All Time (As Of 2016-2017)

Running is a great form of exercise even though it can be difficult. Setting your run to music should make it much more enjoyable. Keep yourself energized with this playlist on your next run. It includes songs from a number of genres and lists them in no particular order, so you can pick and choose the ones you love the most.

1. Journey – Don’t Stop Believin’

Beats Per Minute (BPM): 119

This is a great classic song to pep talk yourself. Sometimes it’s hard to stick to those goals and ever think you’ll see the results you’re looking for. Start this one, sing along as you run, and you’ll feel great before the song is over.

2. Maroon Five – Moves Like Jagger

BPM: 128

With the catchy beat and fast paced music, you’ll get so into the song you won’t have time to focus on the fact that you’re running.

3. Outkast – Hey Ya!

BPM: 158

One of the fastest songs on this list – you may improve your mile time, just because you’ll naturally start to move a little faster to keep up with the music.

4. Bruce Springsteen – Born to Run

BPM: 147

With a song title like that, you knew it’d make this list – Born to Run is the ultimate runner’s anthem.

5. Tom Petty – Runnin’ Down a Dream

BPM: 169

Another runner’s anthem – this one is great for kicking up your pace (and for motivation to chase those dreams!)

6. Florence and the Machine – Dog Days are Over

BPM: 75

Just listen to the lyrics, and you’ll know why this one made the list!

“The dog days are over

The dog days are done

The horses are coming

So you better run

Run fast for your mother, run fast for your father

Run for your children and your sisters and brothers…”

7. Black Eyed Peas – Pump It

BPM: 153

This feel good song will motivate you to run a bit faster – just listen and run!

8. Kelly Clarkson – What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger

BPM: 117

This beat is a little slower, making it a great song for after the fast pace of Pump It. And, it’s a nice reminder that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!

9. Rolling Stones – Start Me Up

BPM: 123

Looking for a little motivation to get started? This song is just what you need! This is a great song for warming up before your run.

10. Beastie Boys – Sabotage

BPM: 83

Feeling like skipping that run today? It’s a sabotage! Get up, get out there, and get started!

11. Billy Joel – We Didn’t Start the Fire

BPM: 145

Get a little lesson on prominent historical figures in while you run. The lyrics will teach you, while the beat keeps you moving fast. And if you see fire – run even faster.

12. Ellie Goulding – Burn

BPM: 88

We didn’t mean to start a theme with fire – and this one isn’t one you’ll find on many running playlists, but that’s why we like it. It’s different, but still has everything you need to stay pumped and motivated for your run.

13. Madonna – Four Minutes

BPM: 113

How far can you run in four minutes? Listen to this one, and challenge yourself to set a new record! You may not only have four minutes to save the world, but that doesn’t matter – get into it and have a little fun.

14. Bill Conti – Gonna Fly Now (Rocky Theme)

BPM: 96

When you hear the Rocky theme – you can’t be discouraged. It’s empowering, and just what you need to keep the run going strong. You’re a powerhouse – and if you don’t feel it by the end of this song, put it on repeat.

15. Wiz Khalifa – Black and Yellow

BPM: 164

Need a little motivation to keep going? The beat of this song will get the job done!

16. Kenny Loggins – Footloose

BPM: 175

Footloose is a great song to listen to when you run after a rough day. Just don’t kick off your shoes.

17. Bonnie Tyler – Holding Out for a Hero

BPM: 150

This classic will give you what you need to keep going. Be that hero Bonnie Tyler needs and is holding out for.

18. Michael Jackson – Beat It

BPM: 140

You can’t go wrong with a great beat from the King of Pop! Set a goal, and beat it!

19. Fatboy Slim – The Rockafeller Skank

BPM: 152

The fast pace of this song will give you a final push in your run before you cool down.

20. Maroon 5 – Harder to Breathe

BPM: 150

With a BPM of 150, this song will give you an added burst of energy at any point of your run. 21. Pink – Raise Your Glass

A great song to get you started and into the rhythm of the run. It will get your heart rate up and your blood pumping.

22. Adele – Rolling in the Deep

This is a good one to play when you’ve gotten into the pace of your run. It’s inspirational enough to keep you focused.

23. Bon Jovi – Livin’ On A Prayer

A true classic! This is a great song to play half way through your run: “Oh, we’re half way there…” Just what you need to hear.

24. Van Halen – Jump

Is there a better song for a warm up? And you’ve got to love the cheesy eighties electrophonic sounds. Get the blood going: “You might as well jump!”

25. Blondie – Call Me

Blondie will never get old. This is one of their most iconic songs, and it’s another one to wake yourself up for that morning run.

26. Ricky Martin – Livin’ La Vida Loca

Put a bit of sizzle and sass in your run. This is the hit that made Ricky Martin famous. Use it to keep motivated.

27. Elton John – I’m Still Standing

You’ve gotten through the run. It was hard and grueling, but you’re “still standing”. This is a great song for cooling down.

28. MC Hammer – U Can’t Touch This

Take a journey back to the early nineties and the iconic song of that time. Play this song and make your run hammer time.

29. The Clash – Should I Stay Or Should I Go

Add a bit of playfulness to your run with this hit by The Clash. When the run gets tough, this song can provide a distraction.

30. Rihanna – Only Girl In The World

The very rhythmic and melodic Rihanna. You will get a great boost from this song. It’s great for any stage of your run.

31. Avril Lavigne – Girlfriend

This high energy, high octane song from Avril Lavigne will put you in the mood for a sprint. It gives a great beat for a run.

32. Nirvana -Smells Like Teen Spirit

You remember it—losing your mind and rocking out at minute one of this classic Nirvana song. It’s great song to dull the pain.

33. Britney Spears -‘Til The World Ends

Go back to the first decade of this young century. ‘Til the World Ends is a pop song filled with energy to take you to the end.

34. Tom Petty -Free Fallin

The lyrics match your feeling when you’re running. Your heart rate is up and the wind is in your face. In a way, you are “free fallin”.

35. ABBA-Waterloo

Who could ever forget the lyrics of this classic song by the best Swedish band ever? It’s a tune that will keep you running.

36. Shakira-Waka Waka

This was the official song of the 2010 FIFA World Cup. The lyrics are just what you need to push yourself further and further.

37. Survivor – Burning Heart

Okay, now we get into some Rocky theme songs. This is a great one from Rocky 4. It’s perfect for your warm up.

38. Survivor-No Easy Way Out

The lyrics will move you: “There’s no easy way out. There’s no short cut home.” This will get you through a rough patch.

39. Tommy Tutone -867-5309

This song is best reserved for your cool off. It is a light, pretty song that will help you wind your body down.

40. Aerosmith-I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing

Originally cut for the Armageddon soundtrack, this is one of the deepest and most moving songs made by Aerosmith. Good for a cool down.

41. KISS -I Was Made For Loving You

A great tune from the inimitable KISS. You know the lyrics. Just rock to the beat as you run.

42. Journey-Some Day Love Will Find You

A classic rock song that is great for a warm up. It will ease you into your run.

With a great beat, it should be getting harder to breathe at this point in your workout.

There are many great songs for running – and narrowing this list down to 42 was hard. But, we guarantee if you load these songs on your Ipod before you go out for your run, you’ll get a great workout. You may get so into the music you forget that you’re working out!