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10 Cute Short Love Poems For Him From The Heart

It can be difficult to express how much you love your man through verse without seeming corny. Often times poetry can be flowery and full of metaphors. Let’s be clear: there is nothing wrong with an epic poem. The problem many girlfriends, wives, and significant others face when giving poetry is that modern men would rather their poetry be short and sweet. They would rather have a couple cute or funny lines or poetry rather than a book of deep thoughts. Modern men are a product of the twitter phenomenon.  Here are ten cute short love poems for him (two in each category) from the heart and how you can make them your own.


The Haiku If pieces I lack, And whole I can’t seem to be, Will you finish me? -Tyler Knott Gregson

This haiku by Tyler Knot Gregson is about two people coming together to create a whole. It tells your boyfriend that he can help you grow into a better person with him by your side. It also demonstrates how much you need him. You are incomplete without him.

My emotions can’t Hold all this love, so my hips Will express the rest -V. Marks

This haiku from the Sexy Haiku of the Day Blog is filed with love and intimacy. Sensual love is just as much a part of a successful relationship as trust and respect. This poem lets your man know just how much you desire him in every way.

The rhyming couplet I never knew about happiness; I didn’t think dreams came true; I couldn’t really believe in love, Until I finally met you. -Joanna Fuchs

Short poems that rhyme like this one can convey a deeper message in very few words. Give this poem to your man to express to him just how grateful you are to have found him.

Doubt thou the stars are fire; Doubt thou the sun doth move; Doubt truth to be a liar; But never doubt I love. -William Shakespeare

This classic Shakespeare quote is a great short poem to give to let him know that your love is strong and unwavering. The four lines compare the cosmic elements of the stars to the power of your feelings.

The loving limerick You are my one and only love, You were sent from heaven up above, I look in your eyesThis is where love lies As we fly away on wins of a dove -A.H. LaVigne

The limerick is a Irish poetry construct of five lines. They rhyme in a specific pattern that gives the limerick a characterizing sing-song quality. Give your man a sweet limerick to make him smile at your whimsy while telling him just how much you care.

Just a text to say ‘I love you’, I can’t help it; there’s nothing I can do You are my best friend And my love for you will never end I just want to know if you love me too. -Louise Reilly This modern limerick employs current technology to express love. If you and your significant other exchange lots of daily messages then this poem suits you both very well.

Roses Are Red Roses are red, Violets  are blue, But woke up to find A new colour: it’s you. -Guillem Balague

This type of poem is a play on the original Roses are Red. This popular style of poetry can be reinvented over and over again to express anything. Use it to tell your man how much you love him.

Roses are red And various other colors Violets are violet If we are being specific. (I believe it was this attention to detail that made you fall in love with me). -Viv Groskop

A funny love poem can be just the thing for a man who appreciates the absurd. This parody poem is sure to get a cycle from your fun-loving beau.

Free Verse for Love There is an ocean of love in my heart There are sands of memories And arms to starch around you when you need them -Eve Roper

Free verse, or poetry without restrictions on rhyming or numbers of syllables, can be effective in their simplicity. This poem describes the giving nature of love, and how much you ate willing to give to your partner.

Eros harrows my heart: Wild gales whipping desolate mountains, Uprooting oaks. -Sappho (translated by Michael R. Burch) If your man is cultured and loves literature, use this erotic love poem by Sappho to tell him how much you desire him.

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